XLRI Interview experiences and tips

Let’s talk about XLRI BM/HRM experiences.

This post is based on the experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt.

XLRI is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your overall profile including your academic achievements, work experience, co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements, your XAT score (including essay)

They are looking for approach rather than the correct answer.

If you have problem writing an essay,

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The questions are sometimes structured and sometimes random. They are either from your work experience , hobbies , academics or any random stuff. Sometimes they are asking questions from the essay you have written. Sometimes you can expect questions from your GD.

Give honest but diplomatic answers.

For HRM, they are asking questions like the difference between close meaning words— empathy vs sympathy, efficacy vs efficiency.

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The last and the most important thing is don’t get depressed if you don’t fare well, wait for the results or prepare for the next interview. Crying over spilled milk is not worth.

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