Why you should not consider MBA before getting some hands on experience!

Considering an MBA? think twice, and before you take the decision read this.

Pros and Cons of getting an MBA with or without experience. 

I have never been a big fan of just getting an MBA degree (without getting the relevant experience and exposure) Reasons being everyone sitting for the entrance tests can get admissions in premier colleges like IIPM (buddy, that was sarcasm) read about how they are looting you here.

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how mba colleges make you feel after you take admission with them


Anybody can get a degree, but not exposure, I have met a lot of people asking me about how do I manage an MBA blog without having a MBA degree, it’s simple, I have worked as a Market Researcher/Salesman/HR (for MBAkaKeeda itself)/Operations head etc. for a couple of start-ups/SME’s, and have learnt things the hard way. I have what it takes to be a MBA.

Learn more about my start-up experience here.

In India things are different than west, here, anybody who has no career choice after BBA/BCom opts in for a MBA degree, this is same with Engineering (I guess, even worse)







Pros of getting an MBA without experience.  Cons of getting an MBA without experience.
You pass out early, always a chance to learn later. No experience, cannot relate to things learnt while in MBA college.
Can take big risks, you have time and energy. You might have kids/family to support, cannot take chances.
Can go for dual MBA degree, learn more, and apply gyaan later. No time for a single MBA, let alone dual MBA.
Work for a start-up, big risk = more money. Family comes into the picture, you can’t take risks.
No lateral thinking or problem solving skills. Your insight for things get different, you know how things work in real world.
No clear idea of your talent. Have a better idea of what you should specialize in. always a +1.


Well, I personally do not recommend students to get a MBA until they think they need a MBA for their career growth, it’s not required, what is required is experience.

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make sure you dont become him even after an mba

MBA is not technical, it is a skill, and like sales is a skill.

I have seen a lot of fresh MBA grads looking down at sales as a career choice, what they are missing out is sales derive companies, good sales man can make or break any company, look at Apple, Steve Jobs was a sales man, Bill Gates was a coder, but he knew how to sell him product/service to Dell, same goes with any entrepreneur you look upon in history, they all had one thing in common, Skills to sell.

Read here to get an idea of who should consider sales as a career choice/MBA specialization.

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