Why you need to worry more when you are starting to get good percentile ?

When you get high percentile, what you might probably do. You celebrate, cheer for a day or two and then you pretend you need to relax and don’t need to study…so you get lapse in your studies…until you hit major percentile decline or hit.

If you ask me, I will tell you not to relax after you start getting some success.

Why ?

Because Success is a bad teacher, often success keeps you away from identifying hidden blocks to success. Failure is a great teacher, that doesn’t mean you should experience failure every single time..

The lesson is don’t only learn from your mistakes.

Also learn from your success.

What can you learn from your success ?

You can trace it back and find the patterns. You can also identify conditions under which it happened. That doesn’t mean its going to work next time but you can always study and spot patterns by keeping Journal.

How to write and keep general is not topic of this post, if you want to learn about it, check it out here

Consistent success is never an accident.

Study in detail about your success in detail to find out whether it’s a fluke or it happened because you did certain things right.

If you know me well, I don’t believe in ra-ra motivation hype, I believe in systematic thinking and don’t give generalized advice which is commonplace on every other blog.

Now, let’s talk in depth about what to do when you get success.

When you are analyzing mocks…for Quant & DI, most people only analyze questions they skipped and questions they got wrong…but I would encourage you to study in depth about questions you get right. Infact, if you don’t do it..it’s your one of the constraints… You can identify rest of your constraints here

When you get questions right, instead of celebrating, take some time to learn shorter and smarter methods to solve the same questions…if you do that…you will create predictable success in mocks. If you want detailed step by step guide to Analyze Quant..get it here

If you want to learn in depth strategies to analyze mocks, get them here


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