Why the Most Intelligent People almost always fail in CAT ?

Do you know why the most intelligent people almost always fail in CAT ?

It’s perfectly O.K. if you don’t know the answer.

Do you know why more than 80% Ivy League Guys/Girls lost their entire money in Stock Market despite being warned several times ?

Do you know why ?


There is exactly the same reason in both of these cases.

And the reason is “More the intelligent the person is, the more he/she thinks he/she being right.”

To illustrate the point, I would like to give you analogy.

This is a real story where some details are deliberately not declared in order to maintain privacy.

There was an Stock Market Investor in NYC who had this firm belief that “Intelligent people always think that they are right.

So he selected a few candidates from Top 5 Ivy League Schools having IQ more than 160 and he gave each of them a quarter of Million dollars and told them whoever makes profit on this in the next year can keep all the money but all these guys/girls had no knowledge of Stock Market so he assigned a few people to teach them the basics of Stock Market.

After the basic learning, everybody started investing money but because all of them were intelligent they always thought they were right. So they did some basic research and started investing in stocks and after some time they realized that the stock prices were falling but because they were so intelligent they thought “It’s just a matter of time.It will increase soon.” so instead of selling stocks , they put more money into it and when stock again went down, they again thought the same way and again invested some money and then price again went down but because they were intelligent, they again invested some money, this happened till they lost almost all their money and the percentage was whooping 80% and the remaining 20 % people who were in profit started their own investing firm.


End of the story.

What’s the lesson from this ” No matter how intelligent you are ,  if you don’t follow the cues of failure, you are bound to fail.

Same applies to CAT aspirants , what the most intelligent aspirants do ?

They waste their time on difficult problems and because they think they are too smart so when a difficult question appears, they think they can crack it ( because they want to brag in front of their friends) so they tend to waste too much of their valuable time in solving that one question, and in the end they realize that they have just solved a single question in 30 minutes…. Bingo…. one more year wasted.

Also these candidates don’t change their strategy when there is change in pattern, just because they have scored 99.999999999 in their last AIMCAT/SIMCAT/CL or whatever , they don’t change and they fail miserably.

One more disadvantage of being always right is you start turning a deaf ear to outside suggestions and you act as if you are at the top of the world.

And the result of this Nada, Zilch, Zip, Zero. No IIM calls, One more year goes down the drain.

So if you want to really taste the failure, go ahead with this mind-blowing strategy and let me know how it works for you.


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  1. Anon says

    This article is too shallow,
    If you think that Intelligent people fail to make it to Top B-Schools or even for the sake of argument to crack CAT, may be you are missing some dots.

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