Why IIMs are struggling to place students ?

This year’s placement season was lackluster for IIMs. There are some factors which played an important role in this.Some of them being the formation of new IIMs, large batch sizes, economic downturn and many more. There were different reasons for different IIMs. Let’s understand further.

No matter what happens, there are and there will be some students who will not get placed or will get placed late every year, but in this year the nos are large, that’s why it’s out in the media.

For IIM Calcutta, the increased batch size is affecting the placements. Their batch size has increased from 350 to 462, 32% rise in no. of seats which is the largest batch size among all IIMs. There are around 62 people yet to be placed. The same problem is faced by IIM Lucknow as their batch size has increased from 380 to 430 i.e. 13% increase.

IIM Kozhikode , according to their Placecom member, it’s because recruiters being overstaffed.

IIM Trichy attributed the lack of placements to sluggish market conditions.

IIM Kashipur is facing the problem because their location and travel time has acted as a deterrent.

IIM Udaipur says it’s due to lack of long-term relations with recruiters which is delaying placements.

But IIM-Ahmedabad and IIM-Bangalore didn’t face any of these issues despite all these challenges.

No matter what happens, no matter how good the placements are, media people will always try to blow such issues out of proportion. Some people even go to the extent saying ” IIM is a scam ” and they back it up with some stupid reasoning to prove their superiority and hiding their inability to secure admission into IIMs.

If you are a sincere & hard-working student from any of these IIMs and you are still not placed, there is no reason to worry, you will soon be placed…..

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