Why do you want to do MBA? Hmm maybe for more money but I am not very sure

I really find it funny yet intriguing sometimes when most of the people give some stupid ,stereotypical and off the cuff answers to some typical questions asked in every MBA interview.

Today, we are going to enjoy these funny answers given by these students. Some answers are outright dumb, some are cleverly thought but actually manipulated, some are actual answers.

Why do you want to do MBA?

“I did my engineering and was a part of xxx for xxxx years. Being a team lead at xxxx, I discovered that I enjoyed leading the team. At that time, I was confronted with decisions but I was not satisfied with amount of responsibility.I wanted to make company level decisions. Apart from technical aspects of my product, I wanted to know how is my product sold to customers, how are new customers attracted, how is it decided when to have end-of-life for a particular product and how is it decided that a new product should come into market.(Did he really want to know that or he gave excuse for doing MBA). I felt that MBA would give me the knowledge and impart skills required to be successful at that level.”

“To be very honest, until the final few months of my engineering, I had not decided if I really wanted to join an MBA programme at that stage. I was of the view that five years of my effort at XXX should not go waste. I actually submitted the CAT application form on the deadline day(this must be the compelling reason for him) But what made me change my decision was some inputs and advice I received from some of my friends at IIMs and the insistence of my parents, to an extent. The financial downturn during my final year at XXXX (which led to me getting an ‘average’ job) coupled with the fat paycheck an MBA degree demands, also lured me.(The most ridiculous but an honest answer)”

“I think early on during my Engineering I had spoken to people who had done an MBA to understand what it was all about and if it suited with my aspirations and my qualities which had an important bearing on my decision to do an MBA. During Engineering it became clear to me that I wanted to get into the business side of things(But why?) An MBA was important to understand and improve on my skills and knowledge. MBA offered the perfect chance to bond and learn with like-minded people. Choosing IIM Calcutta was a no- brainer. It is the best and oldest IIM in the country.(As if he had the choice between IIM A, B and C)”

“In my xxx months at xxxx I had a lot of exposure to finance as they catered to a lot of financial software. That is when I realized my keen interest in the field.(It took very long for you to realize that). I came to understand that MBA was the best platform to launch myself in the pursuit of these goals.(One day, he just woke up from the sleep after having dream that only MBA will help him to achieve all his wildest dreams)”

“I was in my final year of engineering studies when I realized, albeit quite late, that I wasn’t really interested in engineering; my calling was finance and banking.(while doing his meditation, he suddenly had this intuition)After much thought, I decided to pursue an MBA.(If you knew your calling was finance then why did you think so much?
)I researched for a long time on finance and investment banking before deciding that an MBA would help me attain my goal, which is to work in a good multinational company or a bank.”

“For our generation, I believe ‘the herd’ is the world’s greatest leader. Like an infinite number of my peers, I cluelessly followed the herd into engineering. Two years into Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I realized that I wasn’t built for engineering. Thus, after XXXX, I decided to take up a Business Development role in an FMCG startup. Once on the job, I figured I needed professional business education. CAT and IIM C followed.(This was one of the most honest responses I ever heard)”

“A degree in Computer Science and some years of industry experience had given me fair bit of technical skills but I lacked the expertise or the insights to understand any business holistically. I always wanted to do more than just the technical aspects such as coding, etc. I wanted to take up more responsibility and contribute towards the organization in terms of decision making. But a formal education like MBA is very important to understand the complex nature of business today. Also I had developed a keen interest in finance in the last couple of years before joining IIMC. So I decided to go for an MBA so that I can take up finance as a long term career. (This is also one of the most honest responses I have ever received)”




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