Why an Epic-fail attempt to impress interviewer can actually backfire on you?

Have you ever tried to impress an interviewer ?

I also had the same intention when I started preparing for MBA interviews. I also gathered some facts and figures to throw at some point of time to impress the interviewer.

I thought it would work. It did upto the certain limit then it kind of started backfiring on me. Whatever I said to impress the interviewer was causing even more problems.

What I was doing was trying to win his approval and if he didn’t give the approval , I tried hard to get it  and I was showing how desperate approval seeker I was. And in that attempt I was losing my own identity. I started losing control and  halfway through the interview I felt like I had lost the battle.

Have you ever tried it or have you ever thought of doing it hoping to get good results?

If you have done it earlier , you very well know the results. I mean, if you are reading this article after doing it means you are either not selected anywhere or you were selected somewhere where you didn’t want to go.

stopIf you are trying to impress your interviewer and hoping to succeed , STOP.

Use it but don’t overdo it.

Some people take this advice in totally negative light. They start disagreeing with interviewer on every single point. They act like arrogant and rude. Being arrogant and rude will not serve the purpose. If you are acting too rude, you will thrown out as soon as they sense your arrogance. It’s even more dangerous than approval seeking.

This analogy can be compared with the thing mentioned below.

impress a girlIt is similar to attracting a woman. If you try to attract her attention by staring at her continuously, trying to please her, trying to kiss her a**, she will not be attracted to you but if you try to act highly arrogant, she might brush you off easily. Nobody tolerates disrespect. It’s like balancing between the act.

The same thing applies to the interviewer also.

Don’t try to impress him but don’t try to act too smart also. Later is more dangerous.

Use the lessons learnt from this in the interview and conquer it.

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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