Why Alok Kejriwal and Vishal Gondal are anti MBA?

I have been following both Alok Kejriwal and Vishal Gondal  for a while now; they both are entrepreneurs now in their 40’s and have achieved great heights in the tech world  across the globe.

They both started  up (2Win and IndiaGames respectively) very successful gaming companies, and have also invested in couple of other online ventures,. The amazing part about these successful entrepreneurs is that neither of them has an MBA and are the best managers one can work with and can learn from.

The question that intrigues me when I think about Alok and Vishal is, “Why are they Anti-MBA?

Why do they have a policy of not hiring an MBA for a managerial job in their company?

Alok regrets not being an Engineer.From a little interaction I happened to had with Alok  in Rodinhood open house, I think  I figured out the unsaid answer.

  1. They are not anti MBA, they just do not really believe in the concept that  a degree can make an individual a manager; they both believe in the mantra “Experience is the best teacher”.
  2. They both believe in creating things and not ranting about the system.
  3. They both share the same passion for educating the masses by whatever means they can (Rodinhoods open house is one such example) be it through Fb/Twitter or perosnal talks at events.
  4. Entrepreneurs are always humble, unlike managers at MNC’s.
  5. They both are first generation managers/entrepreneurs and believe going out and risking things (sensibly). they don’t belive in fancy excel sheets, they beleive in trying.
  6. I remember Alok updated a status on Fb, Education is not about a degree, it is about wisdom, and it is about knowing what/when/how to use it in business

here is a screenshot of what Alok update a year ago of how an MBA school teach.

how to mba, pass mba, mba colleges.

How to not be fooled by grad schools, ask for the least.

read the post on Fb here.

Well, unfortunately none of these is being taught in any of our college  including an MBA college.

Alok, Vishal and Mahesh Murthy have been  teasingMr.Pony, Arindam Chowdhary for a while, their anti MBA updates, anti IIPM status can be found easily by checking their Fb page.

I personally follow all three of them, and advice all the MBA aspirants / students to follow them too. They can teach you what you might never learn in any college.

We also did a small research about who among the top 10 Indian entrepreneur is an MBA. (the top 10 entrepreneurs were selected by a pool by YourStory)

  1. Alok kejriwal – Anti MBA. ( The most successful and popular Indian entrepreneur in India, Sold his company C2W to Disney China, and started up G2W and plans to become a mentor and angel investor by 2015)

Mr Kejriwal’s view on MBA’s : from a recent argument, I’ve figured all these IIM guys can only solve puzzles called CAT. Ask them real world questions & they faint!

priests talk sermons. mba’s talk jargon.managers talk gyaan. teachers talk manners. bankers talk finance. entrepreneurs dont talk. THEY DO.

  1. Deep Karla – Well, we don’t have his views on MBA education in India, but (I’m feeling better while writing this) he is an MBA from IIM-A, Mr Karla started up MakeMyTrip in 2000 and its Indian operations in 2005 and is the one of the most sucsessful online companies in India  make My Trip is the biggest online ticketing company in India. (Amazingly Mr.Karla was the junior or Mr.Sanjeev Bikchandani (founder of Nauri . com) in both St. Stephans college, Delhi and also in IIM-A)
  2. Dorai Thodla – Founder of iMorph, Inc and three other software companies is a BE (Electronics). and believes that we learn most by doing things, not by reading about them. Mr Thodla is  a active mentor to a lot of new ventures in India and US.
  3. Kishor Biyani – The man who knows how to actually run a brick and mortor business in India, with over 17 Million Sq feet retail space in India and increasing and pressence in over 140 (one and two tier cities) he is the co author of an amzing book “it happened in India” (which is a must read for all the future managers of India), well, Mr. Biyani in an interview with Rediff : if I had gone on to do my MBA, I would have never become an entrepreneur. (I have nothing to say on this :P)
  4. Mahesh Murthy – A collge drop out who use to sell vaccum cleaner door to door is truly a guy worth following, he started up SeedFund/Pinstrom, was the head of Channel V for couple of years and is on the boards of couple of other companies, an active investor who beleives in early stage investment. read more about him here
  5. Sachin and BinnyBansal – The guys who need no introduction, both are IIT-Delhi grads, they started up Flipkart after quitting their high profile jobs in Amazon.
  6. Sanjeev Bikhchandani – Second in the list of MBA turned entreprneurs Sanjeev is an IIM-A grad, who started up Naukri after seperating from his partner, and taking over InfoEdge, Sanjeev is India’s first entrepreneur who started up a .com company and made it a M$ venture. Sanjeev now has couple of other portals under his brand, but Naukri still leads the way.
  7. Kris Nair – Kris has no fancy degree, and has never prepared a resume, he believes in creating companies, a BSc Physics pass out, he is very active on Twitter and, well, As a 9 year old boy, Kris Nair sourced and sold international science magazines to fund his school-fees, while other kids were busy saving Super Mario’s girlfriend. and has been hunting his dinner ever since. (This is what his About page says)
  8. Pallav Nadhani – cofounder and CEO of Fusion Charts, he started up Fusion Charts at 17, and now has 20,000 customers and 450,000 users, he holds a MS in CS from University of Edinburgh, UK. He has co-authored a book on combining the power of Flash and .NET called ‘Flash.NET’ in 2002, he is a angel investor and a avid cricket fan.
  9. Vishal Gondal – Often referred to as India’s king of gaming, has sold his first company to DisneyUTV and is now on the board of Disney, he is an angle investor and also loves spending time with great people with smart ideas.

Vishal Gondal’s view on MBA : u must run to be a runner. u must write to be a writer & at-least run a business to be called a MBA!

FYI : Four out of these ten men are baniya’s and/or Marwari’s. 😛

alok kejriwals 5 min mba

5 Minute’s MBA gudie.

How to be run a business a marwari way. a funny post on Fb by some random guy, click here to read more..

Advice to students : Think like as if the company you are working for is your own company, be the leader, lead the way or otherwise get out and make way for those who are here for the long game. Read WSJ report by Vivek Wadhwa on why startups should never hire MBA here. 

Actually what I’m personally interested is in what if Alok and Vishal start-up an MBA college? What would be the curriculum? Any guesses.

MBAKaKeeda team will really appreciate if Mr.Alok and Vishal could comment on what according to them would make a college worth studying MBA from.

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