What Top Sales people can teach you about cracking Personal Interview ?


So I was reading the story about a complete nerd person—the women laughed at , tortured and humiliated by almost everybody—once got a date with one of the hottest girls in town who was the cynosure of all the eyes.

The rest of the guys were dumbstruck.

People really wondered, how did this guy get that kind of woman to go on a date with him. And that’s not all, she followed him wherever he went. She called him 3-4 times a day. Her friend thought she was crazy to do all that.

Then somebody showed the courage to ask that nerdy boy his “Secret“.

His answer ” I stopped caring about if girls told me no or not. I stopped taking “NO”s personally. So I asked her out as if I didn’t care one way or other if she said “YES” or “NO”. Then I saw how well it worked. I kept doing it. Whenever I used to call her , I would end the conversation as if I didn’t really care. When she asked me out for lunch or dinner , I told her “NO” repeatedly. I just kept this attitude all the time. She knows I don’t really need her and that drives her crazy.

Courtesy : Ben Settle

This is not something new I have heard.

In Interview or Sales, it’s called “Posture“.

All Top sales people have maximum posture all the time.

There’s no argument, coaxing, convincing when they are told “NO” . No blabbering or begging. They are OK with that as if they are not  emotionally attached to the outcome.

And remember, wherever you go , let it be selling online , selling person to person, negotiating, personal interview, when you have posture like this, when you don’t care about the outcome, people feel an almost

Irresistible desire to comply with your wishes

There is something magical happens, when people know you don’t  need their money, their deal etc.

How to use this secret to crack your personal interview effectively ?

  1. Whenever you are answering questions, don’t answer to please the interviewer.
  2. Don’t allow interviewer to put stress on you unnecessarily.
  3. When your posture is weak, you give your power to the interviewer and interviewer tries to throw you off the balance.
  4. If you don’t know something, state it clearly. Don’t try to beat around the bush to look good.
  5. Don’t be emotionally attached to the outcome even if you get a single call. ( But that doesn’t mean not to prepare )

If you follow these steps, you may not convert each and every call but you will convert the best possible option.

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