What they can never teach you at B-school ?

We learn a lot of things from B-school , but there are certain things which they never teach you at B-school, you need to learn these things on your own.

Today we are going to discuss some of those things.

  • newton's catCommon Sense : Don’t get too much caught up in technical details.Just because you are an expert doesn’t mean that you should complicate every single problem.Some problems can be solved with common sense. Don’t use McKinsey’s Hypothesis driven problem solving every single time. You may be remembering the story of Newton’s Cat.
  • Real Life experience : Case studies are good but none of them can ever come close to the real problem solving. There is no substitute for real life experience.
  • Prospicience : How many MBA graduates really had any idea about the financial turmoil in 2008 ? Most of them didn’t have any and those of who had , their judgement/prediction was overshadowed by Senior Management in order to enjoy short term lucrative returns.
  • Practicality : Most MBAs underestimate this. While solving a case study or any specific problem , it’s very easy to come up with your unique and innovative answers but most of them are not applicable in real life. You can have loads of suggestions, recommendations but they don’t really hold any solid value unless it can be applied.
  • Decisiveness : Many if not the most people are not used to taking any decision. They are not programmed that way, so when it comes to making any decision, they hesitate. They are afraid of making any wrong decision. Most of the decisions are generally made either from experience or from gut instinct.

I am sure, this article will help you a lot when it comes to learning something new apart from your classroom knowledge.


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