Unheard story of two Fortune 500 companies

A few days back, I received a mail from one of the top information marketers. In that mail, he shared the amazing story of two fortune 500 companies,one of which closed down after making a billions of dollars and second one, even after a bad start made it to the Fortune 500 list. What went wrong with the earlier company? Read along.

So that mail goes like this

“I’d like to tell you a quick story of 2 businesses.

Both are in the same industry.

Company A started 40 years ago and grew into a world wide empire and a dominant player in that market.

Company B started only 15 years ago, and didn’t turn a profit for 6 straight years.

The year company B finally made it’s first dollar of profit, Company A was raking in over $100 Million a year in net profits and has been doing it for a number of years.

Fast forward 10 years later, in 2011, Company B makes $630 Million in profits, while Company A files for bankruptcy and shuts it’s doors for good.

What was the difference?

One word – CHANGE.

The writing was on the wall that the needs of the market have changed, and whichever company followed that trend would ultimately win.

One company was Borders, the other Amazon.

One vanished into the air after making billions of dollars, while the other is making money hand over fist and growing each year.

It’s no different in any business. The landscape is changing quickly and those who can adapt will come out WAY AHEAD of the pack and prosper in the years to come.”


A good read about startpreneurs


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