Trust Me : I am lying

Do you know there is a question which is when asked in the personal interview, almost every MBA aspirant lies about. No matter how smart he/she is , no matter how intelligent he/she is, that person almost always lies.

This magic question start with ” WHY“So the questions being

“Why MBA?”

“Why Sales and Marketing ?”

“Why Finance ?”

“Why HR?”

“Why Consultancy?”

“Why MBA?”

“Why this college?”

The question which almost forces most of the aspirants lie,  is “Why MBA ?” I have written an article on it.You can read it here.

There are a few reasons for it.

  1. The candidates want to look good in front of the interviewer but have no clue what they want to do.
  2. 99 % people want to do MBA for more money, more fame and better future prospects while money being the most dominating reason.And this hard fact can’t be told on the face of an interviewer which when said directly may cause immediate dismissal from the whole process.
  3. This is the major reason : Bad Programming in early days.

Today we are not going to talk about first 2 reasons but we are going to talk about the last one.


Because it’s the important one.

Why it is so important ?

Because you haven’t identified the actual reason. For the most of the time in your life , you didn’t do something because you actually wanted to do something. You did most of the things because either your parents/relatives/peers told you to do something or you have read/watched/listened it from someone.

Most people go for MBA not because they want better exposure, better experience, better peers, it’ just because doing MBA is perceived as a higher in the society.

Most people would rather follow the herd than actually think why they actually want to do MBA.

Just because you are good at Maths & Logic, debate and impromptu talks, writing essays or solving case studies don’t give you the reason to sit for MBA entrance.

Everything boils down to single reason which is cold hard truth ” Most people want to do MBA because their peers are doing it or their peers have done it.

There is a flaw in our childhood programming that’s why we are sabotaging ourselves.

Most of our life in school, junior college or graduation school, we are always taught “How” & “What” but we are not taught “Why

Most of the people( including me) didn’t know why we did what we did.

It ceases to amaze me when most of the people who were highly successful in my school, college, graduation school had absolutely no clue why they were doing something, so when it comes to Why MBA or Why Finance, there is no iota of doubt in my mind that they are most probably going to come up with some stupid and rehashed stuff.

I read a book by Simon Sinek “Start with Why ” around 6 months back, you can get a full scoop here.

Watch this video, right now to know why “WHY” is more important than all other things.

Study the diagram and implement it to design your life.

Start With Why and then move inside out

Start With Why and then move inside out

So we will talk about some boring answers we get from candidates for why questions in the next article till then keep thinking about why you are reading this article.


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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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