What you should know before reading Topper’s Interview ?

There is a trend amongst many of the aspirants, listening to topper’s interviews.

I think there is a serious flawed thinking which is leading to that.

I personally don’t think it’s a good strategy, I am not saying you should completely avoid it BTW.

You should actually know what you should do and how you should use their interviews for your benefit.

Now, let’s talk about me. I am not a topper or anything at all. I have scored decent percentile but if you just try to mimic my advice as I said here

My Journey of Failure

And do what I did, most of you will fail miserably.

Why is that ?

Because you don’t know under what circumstances I succeeded. You just read my story. This just reminds of the article I wrote

Why you shouldn’t do what worked last time ?

You don’t know me, you don’t know the background I came from, you don’t know my strengths and weaknesses, you don’t know the way I think and process information.

You just know what I did,

There is a serious flaw there.

When you read topper’s interview and just try to model what they did, that doesn’t get you anywhere closer to success you initially hoped for.

Why ?

Because mimicking only behavior is a fool’s strategy.

It’s just like mimicry contest where bunch of actors try to pose as your favourite actor perfectly mimicking their hairstyle, dressing style & voice. (That’s why mimicry artists always get second rate grading.)

It doesn’t work that way. You should not just model their behavior but you should model the thinking that lead to that behavior.

This is strategic shift in direction you think right now.

That’s why I get mails from people telling me,

X says I should do this.

Y says I should do this

Z says I should do this.

Now you are confused and have no idea what to do, but if you deconstruct their behavior and find out why they did what they did, it will help you to find out right course of actions for you.

It comes down to serious thinking. This is called Out-thinking your competitors.

Otherwise, everybody mimicking toppers , doing what they did and still getting mediocre or no results at all.

That’s why I created a resource

How to Out-think your competitors ?

In this book you’ll learn

1. The exact tools you can use to deconstruct problems

2. How to instantly increase your brain functioning capacity

3. How to exactly find out patterns of success and failure?

4. 4 different types of thinking you need to do in order to find out whats the best choice for you

Get it here

This is part of my entire course CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

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