The skills that can be taught in the B-school

A couple of days back, I have written an article on What they can never teach you in B-school ?
Today, we are going to talk a little bit about the skills which can be taught in the B-school. These are some skills which you can learn throughout your MBA experience of two years. These skills are really important in this current scenario as far as your Corporate or Business Career is concerned.

  • Information Processing:  Have you ever had experience in consulting? If you don’t , let me tell you one thing, in consulting, you have to get past that useless information, it’s very difficult to get to the solution without doing that.
    It’s sometimes similar to finding a needle in the haystack.
    I have written some articles on consulting. Read it here : Believe me I want to become a consultant & Management Consultancy : A Career Choice
  • Basic Foundation: A couple of months back, I talked with some of my college friends who are running start-ups and they are both MBAs from IIMs, they started entrepreneurship just after graduating from college and I asked them did MBA help you to run the business effectively, both of them said “ Yes, it helps you to get your basic foundation  right but in the long term, it is not as helpful as it was in my earlier days of Entrepreneurship. “ Now this can’t be generalized but let’s say you want to start the business just after MBA, your MBA will help you to a certain extent but afterwards it’s your determination, tenacity and skills which will determine your success.


  • Communication Skills: B-school can certainly help you to get you out of your comfort zones during various occasions. Let it be case studies, business presentations, debates or discussions on various topics. These skills are developed during individual or group presentations. In any organization, people skills are very important. One of my friends in S. P. Jain ,Vaibhav Kher said in his interview here .
  • Planning: Planning can always be learned. During our tenure at B-school, we learn to plan and prioritize, we keep planning for class schedules, assignments, case studies, exam studies, cultural events. All MBAs are familiar with the concept called “Pareto Principle”( 80/20 ). If we focus on result producing activities , then we can manage our time much better.

So I hope it has given you a fair idea about which skills you can learn in B-school.

Show me you are ALIVE and comment below and let me know what you think.

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