The Great IIM Screw-up

If you are reading this article just because you read the word “screw-up” .


Don’t just start making any assumptions just by seeing the name of the article.

See this photo

great iim goof up


According to the notification on website, scores of 80 students have been found altered or tampered.

PrometricWhile Prometric, the company famous in screwing up first online CAT and selling student’s email ids to some spammy companies is fortunately not responsible for this screw-up.

It’s not yet confirmed that all those students have secured admission in any b-school or not but what they have realized that their scores were poor earlier and inflated to some exaggerated figure.

Some people believe that the goof-up may not be a result of technical glitch as the IDs are not in a series but as per CAT convenor Prof. Himanshu Rai admitted that despite being strong in-built mechanism to prevent tampering, there are still some loopholes in the system.

These are some testing IDs where discrepancies were found by IIMs.

SR8221889 SR8274032 SR8387828 SR8534869
SR8224413 SR8277581 SR8390292 SR8541647
SR8226120 SR8278627 SR8409185 SR8541701
SR8232804 SR8280667 SR8409962 SR8543472
SR8232833 SR8284189 SR8413300 SR8548793
SR8236603 SR8286939 SR8413522 SR8549358
SR8238679 SR8291086 SR8414987 SR8551901
SR8240162 SR8294155 SR8426695 SR8553964
SR8240363 SR8298075 SR8426816 SR8555333
SR8244769 SR8298861 SR8427723 SR8573068
SR8246677 SR8305670 SR8429471 SR8578239
SR8246760 SR8309835 SR8447766 SR8594245
SR8249733 SR8314808 SR8459894 SR8598529
SR8251579 SR8329671 SR8464121 SR8603818
SR8251621 SR8347822 SR8489849 SR8605132
SR8256133 SR8351726 SR8497183 SR8612160
SR8256835 SR8374094 SR8511840 SR8615915
SR8258067 SR8375033 SR8515382 SR8621557
SR8265584 SR8380713 SR8517692 SR8632357
SR8273063 SR8381434 SR8529094 SR8633879

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