F.A.Q. for personal interview

f.a.q. in personal interview

When you start preparing for the interview, you will start preparing for some basic set of questions which will help you to build the foundation. These are the few questions I have compiled from different areas in your life. Commonly asked questions I. Personal A. Background 1. Tell me something about yourself. 2. Tell me […]

What Top Sales people can teach you about cracking Personal Interview ?

chet holmes

So I was reading the story about a complete nerd person—the women laughed at , tortured and humiliated by almost everybody—once got a date with one of the hottest girls in town who was the cynosure of all the eyes. The rest of the guys were dumbstruck. People really wondered, how did this guy get […]

Un-sexy secrets of a super dude interviewee who converted all IIM calls

super dude interviewee

Do you know what it takes to convert all IIM calls ? I came to know about this guy a couple of months back who converted all of his IIM calls. I will not disclose his name as he doesn’t want or need any publicity. What were his secrets? Before I tell you his secrets, […]

Why an Epic-fail attempt to impress interviewer can actually backfire on you?


Have you ever tried to impress an interviewer ? I also had the same intention when I started preparing for MBA interviews. I also gathered some facts and figures to throw at some point of time to impress the interviewer. I thought it would work. It did upto the certain limit then it kind of […]