Aravindh P G Shares his CAT 2014 Success Story


In the Topper’s Interview Series, I am going to introduce you to someone who converted IIM-A call recently. His name is Aravindh. Aravindh is from IIT-Madras. He worked as a Software Engineer for 2 years. He scored 99.92%ile in CAT 2014. He converted IIM-A, B, C calls along with IIFT and SP-Jain. Aravindh is very […]

Don’t Set Goals, Create Systems

Whenever we see someone sharing their success story, we often hear about goal-setting. How someone actually set goals, worked really hard for it and achieved the success. Behind every such motivational story you hear, there are 100s and 1000s failure stories. The amount of success people get when they set goals, is very limited. 1 […]

Are 4 months are enough to prepare for CAT ?

4 months to prepare for CAT

Well, the answer is not definite. For some people even after their 10th CAT attempt , they think 4 months are not enough while there are some people who can crack it within 2 months of preparation, so it’s personal preference. You can’t say with certainty that any amount of time is enough. People want to […]

CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

CAT preparation for working professionals

Usually most of the people who appear for CAT are undergraduate but higher conversion ratio found in people who are working professionals. Various people attempted to write on this topic, I am not going to tell you the same rehashed thing what others have told in their posts. I am going to give you advanced […]