Street Hustler Techniques for Recruiting MBAs

Do you see advertisement of B-school on your television ?

Do you get calls from some unknown B-school which you have or you will never hear in your entire life ?

Do you get spammy SMSes every alternate day which tells you about new MBA colleges that are growing like a weed ?

Do you get unsolicited emails from some weird college which is promoting their 2 year entrepreneurial program ?

And worst of all, do you see people standing on the road pestering the living daylights out of every human being they cross
paths with so that they can coerce you into taking admission in their B-schools ?

If your answer is “YES” to most of the questions, welcome to the club.

These “street hustler” methods of recruiting MBAs have single-handedly placed this whole group of new MBA colleges on the same level as some low-life schmuck peddling fake Rolexes in the minds of most people.

I have been on their target list for a long time. I have experienced all these shady tactics.

Do you think promoting your MBA college like this is going to work for them ?

Do you really think such mass marketing campaign targeted at mass audience is going to help them ?

Don’t ask me, ask Seth Godin former VP of Marketing at Yahoo who has written a well over 100 books including some of the best sellers “Sharing the Idea Virus ” “Permission Marketing” “All Marketers are liars“.

He has written a fantabulous book called “Permission Marketing ” in 2000

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

According to the principles explained in the book, this method is like finding a needle in the haystack and it comes with a lot of pain. And second thing is these are second rate cheap tactics actually lead to minuscule results.

I think these MBA colleges need to cut their spending on their advertising and marketing budget because it is nothing but a waste of time.  There is no “expense tracking” in the system, most of the time these MBA colleges won’t even know that their advertisements are not working.And it’s said that

“Whatever gets measured gets improved.”

So unless the spending is tracked , these method’s effectiveness is close to zero.

Instead of going into such low life techniques , I have seen some colleges doing smart things also but unfortunately they are very few and you can count them on fingers.

I am not going to get into the details of the college but I will go into the way college advertised which got much more response than 99.9% of other MBA colleges.

These colleges I talked were targeting MBA aspirants and not some random guys on the street ( spending is reduced) and they were providing them a free booklet on “7 things to look for before you choose your MBA college ? “(something valuable to the end user)

Now what do you think which has more perceived value ?

This one ?

join my MBA college

Or the Second one ?

Obviously the second one.

And for that MBA institute, there was a way to measure the response unlike most of other colleges. And that year (college being more than 2 years old) it got much more higher response than all other spammy new colleges.

Finding such a college is like finding greenery in the desert, it not only looks refreshing but also empowering.

So next time, whenever you get a call, unsolicited email from such third grade B-schools, write them a kind letter explaining why their strategy won’t work politely or send them the link to this post.

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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