SP Jain Interview experiences and tips

This post is based on experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt.

SPJIMR is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your overall profile including your academic achievements, co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements, your CAT/XAT score.

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Psychometric Test is a part of the selection process. Many people try to make up answers in such tests and then they miserably fail. There is a very little time to mark your answers i.e. 15 minutes. Don’t try to fake it. ( I know a real life experience happened with me when I applied to a prestigious FMCG firm, they had this Psychometric Test, many of my friends had given it, despite having much stellar profile than mine, they were rejected. You know why ? Because they tried to fake it.)

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Be very well prepared for questions like Why MBA, Why SP Jain , Why this particular stream ? Make sure you have very well prepared for this answer.Don’t give vague answers. Make sure you know the real reason behind all these.

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If you are asked an impromptu question, make sure you think and answer, don’t just give answer for the sake of giving. If they ask you for clarification , you should be able to give it to them.

When asked about why SP Jain ? Don’t start puking your rehashed crap on the interviewer like “getting into SP Jain was my dream” and all related crap. I cover how to answer these questions in detail inside this course “GD/WAT/PI Revolution” Interviewers very well know that you are a habitual liar and then your chances of making it to SPJIMR are almost zero right from the start. Give your honest opinion modestly.


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