Some typical interview questions and some un-typical answers

So you are familiar to questions asked in MBA interview, I covered it earlier in the post Why do you want to do MBA?

But there are more questions which are unanswered, today we are going to talk about such candidates who give weird answers to some commonly asked questions.

What is your weakness?

Dumba** will answer this question as I don’t have any weakness.”

And an Idiot will answer it as “ I tend to get angry very early.” Or “ I can’t make decisions on time.” and then they are easily vulnerable to more sharp questions which can throw them off the balance. It can virtually eliminate their chances to crack any interview effectively.

Intelligent will answer it in such a way that he/she will put forward his strength as weakness which is a very good bet as far as interview is concerned.

Why we should select you?

Dumber candidate will try to kiss interviewer’s ass…by saying how good he/she is instead of telling him how he/she can be an asset to that college…

A person with little bit of sense will try to show that how he/she can be an asset to that institute.

Intelligent candidate will answer it the same way as earlier person would do but he/she will either ask interviewer that what qualities they are looking for and then answering accordingly or in some cases they can turn tables on the interviewer by asking them why he/she should select that institute. (This trick works well if you have calls from better institutes than that institute. It will put you in the position of tremendous power if you use this trick but don’t use it if you haven’t got too many calls from different colleges and will backfire on you.)

I know someone did this in IIM Calcutta interview—he converted the call.( But he joined IIM-A)

Why less marks ?

Dumba** reply would be I didn’t study seriously.

A person with average intelligence will try to cover up less marks for some co-curricular activity or extra-curricular activity.

Intelligent candidate will take full responsibility for his/her results. They will cover up for sure…but they will make sure to convince the interviewer that their earlier failures will not affect their actual performance in B-school.

Who is your role model ?

Idiotic dumbhead will answer like “Steve Jobs” or “ Bill Gates” There is nothing wrong about these figures but what they fail to understand is they just said it to impress the interviewer. Why you should not try to  impress interviewer ?

Role model is not necessarily someone who is highly successful entrepreneur owning billion dollar empire but someone you can relate to or someone you are in decent interaction with.

If you try to impress interviewer by giving some very big name, he will instantly sense pretense.

I am not saying that it’s wrong to choose these people but if they are your immediate role models even before you step into B-school, this attempt is an Epic-Fail.

You can talk about someone like your Manager(the one who you are working with) or someone can have one of their parents or siblings or relatives or friends as their role models. It’s O.K. to tell that. Nobody is going to reject you if you have them as your role models.

Here are some more resources to crack personal interview.

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