Selecting an MBA college? Remember to not go for roadside single window MBA college.

The MBA degree is the most happening thing in India today, people are applying for management studies like the gold rush (US.)

Everybody wants an MBA degree, it’s considered to be the easiest way to get find a perfect bride, get an MBA and be eligible to get married, anything less than that is a just not so happening.

These are the top five myths about an MBA degree you need to consider before getting into an MBA college.

1St  : I was a great manager for my school/college fest.

“I was a great manager for my college Fest” this doesn’t mean, you will make a great manager in any MNC too, buddy, it’s time you realize, it’s not 10,000 or 20,000 Rs worth of School Fest or Ganpati ka Chanda you would be managing, its millions of $ of someone’s hard earned money, so, you better not be taking illogical risks and think it will all work out well, learn something called market research, its interesting and worth investing time in.

2ND  : I got a scholarship, yippee.


Wake up dude, you are the one who paid four lakh bucks for two years, and you will soon realize you wasted it; those scholarships are worth nothing, but a way to attract students.

They have already charged you whatever they wanted to in the base fee. Make sure you do not go to a roadside single window MBA college.

3Rd You get a PGDM and not an MBA.

The funniest thing I realized while in Pune helping my cousin get admission in MBA was, every college’s representative has the following two statements prepared and rehearsed.

First, we are offering an exclusive scholarship to you as we see you are from a small town and have done excellent in your studies.

Second beta (son), we offer PGDM because IIM-A offers PGDM, MBA is outdated and not up to the market standards anymore, go for PGDM only…

Just so, you people know, MBA’s are offered by universities and not private colleges, though it is considered as MBA, but there is a huge difference between the two.

4th MBA colleges are for fun.

college fun

This is the biggest myth, students have a mind-set and game plans prepared for MBA colleges, they think they have already invested three/four years in bachelors, now it’s time to have fun, but what they are missing out is, this degree isn’t just the paper you will get after two years, companies hire you for your exposure/talent/ideas, degree was ok till engineering, the competition is tough out there, and companies need talent and not mere degree holders, and with the number of MBA’s passing every year, trust me they have a hell lot of options to choose from.

5th Companies need an MBA.

No matter how harsh I may sound, get this straight, Nobody needs company needs an MBA chap for the sake of his/her degree, people want managers, which one can learn anyway, work for a start-up, and you get the bestest exposure on earth, work for a midsize company for free for two years saving all the money you would have otherwise spent on an MBA program and you will have better exposure to the world, and how it works.

The only reason I side towards an MBA degree is the knowledge and people around (if you anyhow get into a good college, you will have some real smart asses around to hang out with).

And as my mentor (Annkur) always says,

Experience is underrated, in today’s MBAfied world, it truly is.


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