“R” rated techniques to crack GD

Today, I am going to talk about some “R” rated techniques which you can use to crack your GD very effectively.  Some of these techniques I have learnt from CAT toppers.

1. Real

Consider GD as a real corporate meeting. Treat it like a real happening. It will make you more alert and less prone to making mistakes during the GD.


An important aspect you will be judged on is whether you are a team player or not. Being extremely contemptuous won’t take you anywhere. Be respectful and polite when dealing with opposite view. If someone counters you with completely opposite view with some outrageous reasoning, don’t try to argue with him/her unnecessarily. Use softer phrases to show disagreement. Disagree with the view and not with the person expressing it.


If someone is stealing your points or someone is trying to suppress your view, don’t become irritated. Relax. Take a deep breath, think of another valid point and then again jump back in the interview.


Don’t hesitate or don’t be afraid to start and lead GD. There is nothing more powerful than starting GD on a positive note and make sure that point you made should set the tone of whole GD. Don’t try hard to start if you don’t have anything valuable to say.


If you are preparing for GD, write down all the perspectives regarding that particular topic. Don’t restrict yourself to only one. It will help you gain a clearer understanding of your problems and help you channel your thoughts better.


This is the most important point. Read and keep track of all news of the world and country. If you can quote right facts and figures, you will create a very good impression. Here you can read how to deal with figure blabbering monsters in GD. If you can quote some real data, you will amazed that some people will just stop talking and will start listening to you. (Make sure you don’t bluff)

If you are well read, even if the topic is something really weird, you can still tackle it.

I am sure, you will take a lot of lessons from this. Implement this in your GD and see the results.

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