PGDM, PGP, MBA? What is the difference?

Institutes, which are not affiliated to any university and provide autonomous degree’s offer PGDM/PGP, the college who are registered with any university Indian/foreign can provide an MBA degree to students.

Institutes like IIM, XLRI offer PGP/PGDM and other diploma’s, on a broader sense there is no difference between an MBA and PGDM.

It is basically as PGDM are offered by autonomous colleges not affiliated to universities, so, they have a defined structure including internships and things which provides a platform for students to explore, the biggest difference is while choosing the colleges, PGDM’s do offer specialized courses for any niche, so it’s important to consider this before getting into any college whether it suits what you are looking out for or not.

What usually students do is if they are getting admission in any college, which is “famous” regardless of whether that college is serving his/her needs, they take admission on it.

PGDM (offered by well-reputed colleges) are specially designed keeping the students of that niche in mind in which he is specializing, unlike road side colleges who start up in three digits every year in India.

I remember one of my friend quoting, PGDM is more industry oriented, and MBA is theory centric, true.

Though MBA’s are more affordable as it’s the government university course, it doesn’t help in the long term as the management guru Sameer Kamat quotes in his book beyond the MBA hype “mugging facts in MBA won’t help, only applying brains would make the world move your way”

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