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Dear Frustrated MBA Aspirant

Have you ever faced some of these problems ?

1. Getting really good score in section 1 and completely screwing up in section 2

hardly any time for section 22. You always felt you would have atleast solved 5-10 more questions with no efforts

could have scored more3. You are still stuck at same percentile where you were 3/4 months back

stuck at same percentileWhat you do in that case, I know you might say one of these things

I would just work harder and attempt more mocks

Take a look at this, how having short-sighted plans can severely backfire on you


and then just have a look at this mail I got recently.



Now, this is not just a problem but rather epidemic and conventional wisdom is more or less responsible for the same

1. Work Harder

2. Solve More Mocks

3. Solve More Section Tests

4. You just need to do little more

And as everybody following this stupid piece of advice blindly end up getting nowhere.

But it’s possible to increase your percentile, not by working harder and solving more chapters but by using 80/20 Framework and Science of Positive Feedback Loops.

80/20 is all about Leverage. Working on your leverage points give you disproportionate results.

How I accidentally Discovered 80/20 Rule?

A year back, I got my hands on this book by Richard Koch80/20 Principle“, as soon as I started reading it, my mind caught on fire. My mind started making those invisible connections which I didn’t do for last 25 years.

Everything I saw, there was flavor of 80/20 even when it came to CAT, creating disproportionate results, it boils down to 80/20.

It suddenly started making sense to me.

I remember vivid flashbacks of my early 20s.

I spent my early 20s fighting my own nature, I did my Chemical Engineering where I had absolutely no interest in, studied just few days before exam, somehow managed to pass.

Then I started working in a job where I had to manage people, do monotonous work, running errands.

I was trying to be just like every superstar I admired and killing myself in the process.

For several years, my Mantra was

“Massive Action Solves Every Problem”

This is incredibly stupid advice because massive action without really great strategy only gives more problems.

Your efforts create work which is unfocussed and dissipates more energy, that’s why I constantly put myself in positions where my greatest strengths got shoved in closet and my weaknesses were on display for all of us to see. I felt horribly insecure.

That’s the same reason I was studying 10-12 hours a day to see hardly any improvement in my mock scores.

A couple of days back, I went to exhibition, I saw various stalls selling different things. Few stalls were selling similar things of some type.

There was only one problem.

Almost everyone was doing the same thing to sell.

1. Soliciting people who had no interest in their services/products whatsoever

2. Using Pressure selling tactics and other gimmicks to convince people

People were literally pissed of them, there were only few who stood apart from the crowd and did different things and no wonder why they outsold all the rest.

Here is the lesson

You’re the Headless Chicken trying to follow what everyone else is doing

This is happening with you.As soon as you start doing what everybody else is doing without thinking you stop seeing results.

Introducing “Percentile Maximizer

A fine tuned system exactly pinpoints highest leverage points in your CAT Preparation and gives you areas/topics to cover so you get much more out of your preparation without finishing all those chapters and constantly worrying about lack of time for preparation.


I developed and tested a system “Percentile Maximizer” which will help you

1. Find out your leverage points using 80/20 analysis

2. Increase/optimize/maximize your percentile predictably and consistently

It teaches you

1. How to get more percentile by hardly working than people who are working way too harder?

2.How to practically brutalize your competition using simple BCG framework?

3. How listening to a story of Professional Gambler can drastically improve your attempts and mercilessly cut down your mistakes?

4. When you should do calculated guesses and when you shouldn’t?

5.How to fine tune your knowledge about Strengths and Weakness and how to use it to Annihilate your competition?

6. Advanced Comparison Technique for those who consistently score more than 90%ile.

After going through this book I have started to use that table format for analyzing my mocks,and also I used that piece to advice that how to start your exam so that not to mess up your whole paper.and of course that content of which topic is must do and which one is not..that was a life saver I must say.thanks once again


Do you say this to yourself ?

1. Somewhere in my mind I have already quit.

2. In spite of my best efforts, I have failed to score well.

Do you get as much percentile you would like to get despite giving mocks over and over again seeing others succeed ?

a. Do you ever feel difficult to stay focused and disciplined ?

b. Do you ever feel your preparation is not up to the mark and you have limited time and motivation to put in ?

No, why not ?

Because those who score more and more percentile are not better or more intelligent.

So what’s the difference ?

The difference is these people are working on their leverage points.

Material is motivating and able to bring thought process.The analysis graphs of quant are ultimate. The best part is the material speaks to readers. It’s that explanatory.


Stop Getting Stuck at Low Percentile and Increase your Percentile Now


New Bonus Added

1. Percentile Maximizer Sequence Mind-map

2. How to Analyze Quant Section Mind-map

3. How to Analyze LR & DI Section Mind-map

4. Peak Performance Brainpower

5. How to create additional 2 hours every single day to your CAT Preparation ?

I took all the hard work and guesswork out of the process so you reap the rewards of the product, you don’t need to spend time to figure out this process by yourself.

Plus, it is complementary to Percentile Maximizer. It further simplifies it.

Do you want your competitor using the same strategies as yours ?

Of course not.

That’s the same reason I am telling you to take advantage of it as soon as possible before your competition starts using it.

Change your CAT Percentile for Good

This comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, the condition is you need to apply the principles mentioned inside the courses and not just assume that it won’t work with you. If you show me the work you did with atleast 2 mocks and you are not able to identify any leverage points, I don’t deserve to keep your money and I will refund you the whole money plus you can keep the whole thing.

In fact, I recently explained few of the principles of it to a subscriber who was slugging out very hard to see hardly any improvements in his percentile,after doing some work, his score (percentile) improved by 20-40% in last 2 mocks, this is the same person who sent me the mail you see at the top.

And more importantly your months and years of efforts will be utilized doing things which work and gives predictable and repeatable outcomes. You won’t have to constantly worry about how much you are going to score in final CAT.

Your dream of getting into your dream B-school would still be intact and you will start making significant progress towards it.

How valuable it would be to you if your Uncertainty about Final CAT results is Finally Vaporized ?

This can change your total paradigm, your results in CAT 2015, your dream MBA college, your future.

Finally Start Scoring Consistent and Predictable Percentile Now

Let’s understand, for whom this course is not for
1. Those who are looking for the best tactic of the week
2. Those who have just started CAT Preparation
3. Those who have get results quick mentality and don’t want to invest in actual work
4. Those who are already doing 80/20 analysis and scoring home runs in actual mock tests

If this is you, I have to actually forbid you from investing.

How long should I have to invest to see results ?
It depends.It can be as quick as 20-30 minutes or in some cases it requires couple of hours or more to find your leverage points.

Is there any guarantee that it can improve your percentile ?
In fact, there is. If you study the framework , you will be able to understand it easily and in case if you don’t, you can always email me

How much time I have to invest in studying it ?
It takes around half an hour to one hour to actually go through the book but you can start implementing it in as fast as 15 minutes, implement as soon as you learn it.

The question is how fast you want to see the results.

How important those extra percentile to you ?

What about extra 5%ile, extra 10%ile or even 20% ?

Sometimes, even 1%ile can make a lot of difference. I know it because I got 98.47%ile and extra 1%ile would have got me Premier B-school calls from top IIMs.

Long back, I heard this funny quote from somebody.

The real problem with CAT aspirants is 1%ile here and there, their future honeymoon shifts from Mauritius to Mussoorie.”

Now, you know how apt this quote would be if you just miss those extra few %ile. Your dream will be gone, you either have to quit on your dreams or you either have to attempt CAT again like most people do.

Your dream B-school is just a few percentile away from your reach.

Don’t let this year go by just like that.

Take action now and claim Percentile Maximizer