How to Increase your Percentile Overnight ? (Sort Of)

increase your percentile overnight

Yes. You can do it. You can increase your percentile overnight. Sort of. So here’s a small thing you need to do which will help you to increase it literally overnight. You need to do this small exercise before you do anything else. Write down your last percentile. It can be anything ranging from 0-99.99 […]

How to use Adversity to your Advantage ?

nick vujicic

I am not a born 99%iler and cracking CAT was not easy for me. For 2 years, I could barely muster the courage to check my own percentile. I would sit at my table and keep browsing facebook,keep checking Gmail and I would actually used to do everything else just to avoid checking my own […]

The Excellence Lessons from a 1985 IIM-A Graduate Who Refuses to Believe in Talent

harsha bhogle

Talent. I used to respect talent like anything but not anymore. And this happened after hearing golden nuggets from him. I had this belief that talent and ability are the most important things if you want to accomplish anything.But now,my beliefs have shaken. No joke. I am just dazzled with whatever I have heard. ” […]

Cracking CAT : Tim Ferriss Way


Tim Ferriss is an icon for me. His first book ” 4 Hour Work-Week ” taught me how to achieve more by working less. This man has some really amazing strategies when it comes to achieving success in any walk of life, not by working 60 hours in a week or sacrificing everything including family […]

What mistakes the most people do in their Quant preparation ?

Mistakes to avoid while solving Quants

If you are not getting decent percentile in Quants, then you are probably making this mistake. I have seen most of the people repeating the same mistake over and over again and thats’ the reason why they don’t get decent percentile in Quants. And the fun fact is you know the mistake you are doing […]

Are 4 months are enough to prepare for CAT ?

4 months to prepare for CAT

Well, the answer is not definite. For some people even after their 10th CAT attempt , they think 4 months are not enough while there are some people who can crack it within 2 months of preparation, so it’s personal preference. You can’t say with certainty that any amount of time is enough. People want to […]

Distance MBA: is it really worth ?

Aspirants Speak

MBA ka keeda is soon planning to start with its forums. After writing two articles on Distance MBA we still found some aspirants and Ka keeda readers doubtful about going for distance learning. So here we are bringing you people’s view on distance MBA on various aspects. We went through various forums and gained their […]

Is distance MBA capable of providing jobs?

hiring manager

For many MBA applicants, the full-time versus distance learning debate is a pivotal issue. We have mostly  seen candidates puzzled when it comes to choosing distance MBA. As explained in the previous article, distance MBA is for students who can’t afford the heavy-pricing of b-schools. It is also for candidates who are employed but aspire […]

Distance MBA: Introduction

CAT preparation for working professionals

What is distance MBA? There are a variety of programs when it comes to opting for MBA. One such program is Distance MBA. Distance MBA has gained momentum in last two decades. It is estimated that over 100,000 managers all over the world are currently studying for a distance learning MBA. In distance learning MBA […]

One can be a genius, know everything, but if they get stuck up with the wrong questions their genius won’t take them anywhere.

shubhang agarwal

“Whatever happens, happens for a reason” We seldom realize this when things don’t go the way we expect them to go. But in the long run its inevitably true. Converting XLRI this year actually made me understand this. Last year was a big disappointment, not getting any IIMs converted and waitlisted at XLRI which didn’t […]

Is MBA all about doing Leadership?

MBA and Leadership

When we think about this word the initial figure that comes to our mind is a person with well-built attitude, courage and charming personality. A leader is someone that can hold crowd with the power of  his voice. He can lead and guide even in the worst situations. He never backs up, neither let his […]

The interviewers twist the questions to confuse or test you ,you must learn to read between the lines and understand the crux of the question

Apoorv Bapat

Apoorv Bapat who is going to start his MBA journey from IIM-Ahmedabad very soon. He holds dual degree from BITS Pilani in Biological Sciences and Civil Engineering. He has worked for Mphasis as a Software Engineer for 2 years. He is an NTSE Scholarship Holder. He is proficient in French. He has bagged Gold Medal […]

Most important B-School selection factors

mba in india, mba in usa, mba in UK

Indian business management educational landscape is getting highly competitive with each passing day. This increase in competition is much stronger than before not only for students but also among the B-schools to attract students. This change has encouraged the development of a market culture among business schools, degrading their quality. We at MBA Ka Keeda […]

How to choose coaching class for CAT preparation ?

how to choose coaching class for CAT

As CAT 2013 is approaching very fast. Most of the students may have joined the various classes or some students are still in the thinking mode. This article is written in order to clear some air that is going around when it comes to choose the right class for CAT preparation. This answer would differ […]

Is an having an MBA/PGDM overrated in India ?

is mba-pgdm overrated

The simple and short answer to this question is “YES” Everywhere around the world,  in an educational society the spectrum is so laid that post graduation always weighs heavier than a graduate degree. For being overrated you will have to pursue MBA/PGDM only from top 10 institutes in India. Anyhow in MBA/PGDM you will be […]

CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

CAT preparation for working professionals

Usually most of the people who appear for CAT are undergraduate but higher conversion ratio found in people who are working professionals. Various people attempted to write on this topic, I am not going to tell you the same rehashed thing what others have told in their posts. I am going to give you advanced […]