Multitasking in a right way

Some people say Multitasking is useless , some people say otherwise. Today we’re going to learn how to multitask effectively without loosing compromising the quality of output.


For serious MBA aspirants, people in their jobs or people who are running their own business.


How to decide when to multitask and when not to multitask ?


When your work involves a complex task with a fairly simple or routine-task, then multitasking is advisable.


But when we try to juggle two complex tasks at the same time, ones that require thinking and deciding.

These tasks require the brain to reset between each thought — between each choice. This creates a lag and if the brain is trying to go back and forth between two different tasks,these lags begin to accumulate.”


If you have a choice, pair up the routine work with the task requiring more thought.


It’s not always possible that all urgent tasks are lined up in a orderly manner but make sure you try to find a combination such that you can tie up routine task with a complex one.


What’s your strategy for multitasking?

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