Most important B-School selection factors

Indian business management educational landscape is getting highly competitive with each passing day. This increase in competition is much stronger than before not only for students but also among the B-schools to attract students. This change has encouraged the development of a market culture among business schools, degrading their quality.

We at MBA Ka Keeda had already discussed about various aspects of becoming an MBA and in future plans to prepare with the latest updates.

When one plans to do an MBA, there is a wide area of information that they are supposed to cover.

1) PLACEMENT: Placement is indicated as the single most important choice factor among students when it comes to selecting a b-school. When applying for a b-school it is important to analyze whether the recruiter included in the placement list includes your areas of interest and whether (most importantly) they are actually involved with the school. Or is the b-school that you have selected is just using the word “placement” as a hype to attract the students. Some other things you need to keep an eye on include median salary instead of the average salary and the positions company seeks while recruiting the employee from the respective business schools. Placement is a good indicator of the financial worth of your degree.

Getting placements is not as easy as it seems

2) INFRASTRUCTURE & FACULTY: Infrastructure is the second most important factor students should consider while opting for MBA. Infrastructure influence prospective students, and also showcases the image of b-school. This physical appearance of management institutes also gives a student a picture of quality.

Quality of teaching is based on quality of faculty and this also acts as a role model when comes to the selection of b-schools. A faculty is supposed to provide the necessary basis & tools to help the student grow and therefore a student must invest in very good teachers. An institution which fails to offer and retain well equipped facilities and other resources for learning and research should never be in your list.

A good infrastructure and faculty broadens an individual's mind

3) SPECIALIZATION: You will observe that most of MBA gurus will advise you to choose an area of specialization that captures your interest. But that’s just one outlook, most often if the specialization you’re willing to do leads you to unemployment. While selecting a college that covers your specialization, one must ensure that the institute thoroughly covers the course with great dedication and has not just introduced it for the sake of it or for earning big bucks. Hence a student are must select a b-schools based on how the particular b-school specialization reflects the needs of industry and would enhance students profitability obtain a job.

Choose your specialization but be aware!

4) PEER ADVICE & ALUMNUS: Peer advice also acts as an important choice factor in selecting b-school. Peer group includes-friends, colleagues, brother/sister or relatives their advices/opinions are considered fruitful selecting b-school. It will be more beneficial if you have a peer who is already doing or has done MBA, as they will be able to introduce you to the current scenarios. Also it will be advisable to not believe in all the things blindly or go for only one man’s opinion. Keep your horizons wide and stay open with your options, also do your share of research too. If possible it get in touch with alumni or their parents as they are an important source of information for prospective students.

Peers and Alumnus help you to form opinions

5) FEES: Fees plays a vital role while choosing the b-school of your choice.Don’t go for something you can’t afford and keep in mind that even an ordinary b-school will cost you lakhs.  So while paying for an MBA degree it is always important to take a note of the value of the degree & business school in itself. This factor is especially important to Indian students. Fees should be linked with benefits derived from degree.

Make sure the college fees does not turn to debt.

6) SCHOLARSHIPS & INTERNSHIPS: As already told, an MBA degree costs you lakhs, so if you’re planning to go for a scholarship (which you can) see your desired institute offers you one. Most top b-schools like IIM, XLRI, ISB etc have a provision for scholarship. All you need is to be talented, meritorious and eligible.

Internships are highly important when you go for selection of b-schools. Internships not only add on your CV but they also give you a practical experience of managing, working and handing of companies. While getting a job interviewers look for a candidate who has overall experience and is just not a bookworm.

MBA college must offer Internships to its students

A good college helps you to learn and grow. Be a part of such college. After a lot of hard work and preparation if you can’t get a proper college then its a waste of your valuable career and your money. Go forward and don’t hesitate when it comes to clearing your doubts. Other than that we at Keeda are always there to help you.

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