Do you make these mistakes in Essays?

Why B-schools have chosen to opt for Essay writing instead of GD?
It’s not just a random act, it’s a conscious decision.

Because it’s very easy to bluff or cheat in GD if you are little smart but it’s not possible in Essay Writing.
But there is only one problem with Essay Writing. Most people think it’s easy. They don’t need any practice. Anybody can do it. Big mistake!!!!

I will tell you why.

But before that, I would like to tell you why some aspirants make these mistakes.

Because most aspirants think they can somehow manage to scribble something in the exam and sail through the entire process but it almost never works that way.

What mistakes most aspirants do while essay writing?


Deadly Mistake no.1 : Starting out Writing Essay as soon as you read the topic.

This is huge mistake, I am guilty of this and probably you are, most of you start writing down essay because of peer pressure , you see others writing and by seeing all of them, you also start to write instead of thinking upon which points you should write on and this is the biggest mistake which leads to the next mistake.


Deadly Mistake no 2 : Don’t have any idea about structure of essay.

If you have done first mistake, you are bound to make this mistake. You start out hastily out of fear and after some time you realize, “Oh I missed that particular point which I should have included in the beginning” or you suddenly remember a good and relevant quote and you curse yourself and then for the rest of essay, you go into this vicious cycle of repeating same mistakes again and again.


Deadly Mistake no 3 : No logical coherence between paragraphs

Have you read something where you can easily sense that earlier paragraph has no bearing on next paragraph and each individual paragraph can be interpreted individually?

Have you read something where you just lose interest over few paragraphs just because you can’t connect the dots back?

Same thing happens here.

Just because you haven’t planned accordingly, you have messed up things in your mind right from the start, and it shows while you are writing down.


Now you know why I said essay writing is not as easy as you think but it’s not difficult as you might guess. It’s a skill that can be learned, don’t require lot of time, you can learn it from Rapid Skill acquisition where I cover how to acquire any skill in 24 hours or less.


OK, so we were talking about why essays?

It helps B-schools gauge

1. Your knowledge of a particular event/issue or your ability to grasp things

2. Your way of thinking

3. Your ability to express yourself

You can’t fake them or you can’t manipulate but you can generate points from scratch using “Idea Generator Blueprint

So the best thing is learn the Art of Essay Writing.

I talk more about essay writing in the book kick-butt essay writing,

If you are not sure if my material would work out or not, test drive my course at shoestring price here


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