MBA Ka Keeda : Inner Circle

So there is a good news and bad news for you.

As usual , good news first.

The good news is MBA Ka Keeda is coming up with much coveted Inner Circle where you will get access to exclusive content. Get on the waiting list by going here

The advantages of being a part of inner circle are like these

  1. You will get access to exclusive interviews that free subscribers don’t get
  2. You will get sneak preview or early bird access to any future e-books
  3. You will get access to exclusive reports  on various topics ranging from how to write an essay to how to get a loan for your MBA
  4. You will get  exclusive access to Audio and Video library
  5. You will also get to know special discounts and promo offers
  6. You will get access to me personally , so you can ask me any questions (exercise this right diligently though) and if I don’t know the answer, I will connect with relevant person and will get back to you. The free subscribers don’t have this privilege.

Well, this joy may not be everlasting for each one of you coz bad news is coming.

Here it goes.

The bad news is it’s not FREE and it’s not for everyone.

Well, it’s not for usual Freebie seekers and for the people who just like to try things (but never do)

It’s for the action takers. It’s for the doers.It’s for the performers.

So if you are not one of those , don’t bother.
Remember, free stuff costs you money, sometimes a lot of money. It robs you off valuable time and you know how valuable time is for you to waste on stuff that doesn’t work.
Being said that, it’s not too much costly.
It’ll be a fraction of what you already spend on classes, test-series or personal coaching.
Well, there are couple of reasons why I am charging , some of them are
  1. People don’t value something they get for FREE.
  2. People are less likely to apply what they learn FREE of cost.
  3. The last and the most important reason is people with FREE-loader mentality are the most classless people in the world, if they don’t get everything FREE, fast and now, they turn into a whining and complaining Hulk throwing profanity at you.


Only Action Takers are Welcome to Inner Circle

You will be notified about launching date and pricing , if you get on list by  clicking here 

inner circle


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