Lies and Deceits of moronic MBA aspirants

Some MBA aspirants are dumb, unbelievably dumb. No matter where they get selected ( IIMs or ISB or XLRI) they still remain dumb.

I have came across a lot of such aspirants quite a lot of times and at a time I was also one of them. Now I know what makes you look like a dumb ‘MBA aspirant

A dumb MBA aspirant is identified by the quality of answers he/she prepares for the interview.

This is the follow up post of this article

The astonishing factor is that a lot of these PI lies  come from IIT toppers.

So here is the account of such moronic and illogical answers given by some aspirants:

Q. Why HR ?

“I love interacting with people. I get well along with people.

I can understand their feelings, before I did my MBA I was a manager and I love to manage people.

I am the people person. I can resolve any conflict very well.”

Some people go to such an extent that they apply for both HRM and BM in XLRI and when they get both the calls, in first interview (BM) they justify how badly they want to do BM and when asked about their HRM call, they try to evade that question altogether.

I will never understand that how the person can apply for both fields justifying respective fields, it’s just plain stupid. Just because the college is good, you want to change your liking altogether.

It’s an important decision in someone’s life to choose right field for MBA, its somebody’s dream and passion but these morons are never bothered, they are equally satisfied with BM or HRM.

Q.Why this college ?

While it’s important to prepare for this question, some people never bother to do research on the respected institute, they just come in with a blank slate. They have no idea who is the dean of college, its faculty or its placements. Having no idea about college they praise that college to such an extent that interviewer starts asking them questions.

I remember , when I had my interview, there was a guy who was telling why that college was so good and interviewer asked him “You are praising the college so much, do you have any idea about the faculty, placements etc ?” and that was enough to throw him off the balance. He was in complete shock as he was not expecting that question, he was dismissed from the whole process for not having the basic information about the college.

Q. Why Finance ?

I came across a guy from IIT-Bombay, who had calls from A, C, L and new IIMs, he was working with J P Morgan, when he was asked a question on why Finance , he started his journey from his childhood days, then he went on to describe his IIT life and then he started describing his job profile which was purely boring and then in last few lines, he mentioned about finance which was just said in order to justify finance, he went on like 8-10 minutes to describe and for most of the time, he talked complete nonsense and after hearing the actual reason to do MBA in Finance , the interviewers were completely dumbfounded.

He was working with IT department (not at all related to Finance) of  J P Morgan, he was developing/testing a software of a client who was working in the domain of finance and his interest was developed there. He didn’t even had any experience which was remotely close to finance, but still he wanted to do MBA in Finance. Just because he had no connections to IT/Operations/Marketing but a slightest relation to finance, he was blabbering finance as his liking.

Q. Why Sales and Marketing ?

“I am good at delivering presentations, I am good at convincing people, I have sold X & Y, I am a born salesperson. I have read X no of books on marketing.”

All these answers are well known and doesn’t create any impact on interviewer. People have wrong notion about Marketing and Sales. Sales is never about convincing people, if you don’t agree with me read this .

You should know what are the job profiles after MBA, you just can’t put forward your expert knowledge every single time, do some basic research before you talk something.

This was the short account of how some people completely screw up in the interview.

If you think, you don’t agree with some of these views, wake up from your couch and write your response, show us that you are still alive. Go ahead and do it now…..

P.S.I do not wish any aspirants to be named due to which I have kept their identities anonymous. This article is done by me with a sense to make students aware of  PI mistakes (that should not be done).

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here




  1. peterparker says

    I agree. I was shortlisted for SPJIMR PGPM, but unfortunately could not make it there because gmat score is 540. But yes, I have seen this, most of the below 3 years work experience people who clear CAT/XLRI etc don’t have any idea about the real world. In their mind, there is a virtual world, created by the coaching industry, a hype, which means that these people consider themselves to be super genius,because they have cracked an exam, the success of which depends entirely on some factors,including external also. so they think that they will impress the faculty by big talks, using quotes of famous american books. That’s how the MBA graduates are prepared for the interview.

    One of the stupid answer which I have heard from a MBA grads was this -> Since my child hood, i have been really good in mathematics and also, i possess strong aptitude for analytics, hence finance is something which I have always loved.

    It will be not hard for you to guess.

    • says

      You read my mind….I am actually teaching them methods to find their unique strengths, capabilities and stories which they can use strategically to show that they have genuine interest.
      My principle is “Show-Not Tell”

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