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When you want to get into an MBA college, most of the time you are oblivious about why you are actually getting into the program, why you are spending 2 years of your time and a huge sum of money to study the subjects which you know nothing about.

What MBA has to offer you?

What should be your career path after MBA?

Most of the MBA students end up doing sales after MBA, a profession which can even be managed by a mere graduate of any field. Then why are you paying so much into MBA, if you want to do something like sales? Sales after MBA though, is a very respected profession, but it may not be your ultimate goal.

The trouble is not with the degree, but your lack of knowledge about the options that one gets. Most of the students end up choosing the easiest and the simplest specialization called marketing , not understanding that the marketing itself has many subjects which are individually offered as specializations and thus end up becoming a jack of all but master of none.

MBA-informer-MBA Specialization

Most of the students are aware about the broad specializations that colleges in India provide like Marketing management, HR Management, Systems Management, Finance management, etc. but the specializations like Supply Chain Management, Advertisement management, Foreign Trade management, Retail management, Mass communications management, Project management, Media management, are more attractive options that better prepare you for future prospects. Not all but most of the MBA colleges provide you such specializations

But how do you know exactly which specialization to opt for, is yet another challenge that you face. You take assistance from existing students, guidance from people in the corporate world, but still you are not very clear about what you want to do until you actually enter into the MBA institute where you get to learn all the subjects. Once you know all the subjects, you will gradually recognize your interests in definite subjects and then your mind will have a clearer picture to plan ahead and prepare yourself for your desired job.

It is though a very rare chance to do this after you has already completed an MBA, when you actually find out that you wanted to do something which your classes only gives you a slight idea about and doesn’t train you much for that particular career field. What are you going to do in such circumstances? Will you compromise with your career? Take up any job which may not even interest you? Or will you take up another course or certification to prepare yourself better for the area you choose?

Well, a lot is at stake, in case you want to prolong your education, the money you spent in your MBA has to be returned if you have taken loans, your parents would look forward to some income for you after your studies are concluded. So it will not be a trouble-free choice to take up another course or specialization.

It is better to keep yourself sentient even before you start the MBA, so that you don’t end up making an erroneous choice. Be aware of what all the MBA has to offer you, identify with your own interests and then settle on the specialization.

We will provide you direction on how to choose the subject, not by suggesting you what to take up but by giving you the information you need to facilitate yourself to take decisions on your own.

We will walk around some of the specializations in details like, what the subject is all about, what it offers you, where to study from,  your career prospects, and how to get ready for them.

We will start with some major, well recognized career options:

  1. Project Management
  2. Mass communication
  3. Brand Management
  4. Retail Management
  5. Supply Chain management
  6. International Business

And more to be added in the due courses.

You will find the thorough information about each of these in the subsequent articles.

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