Is MBA all about doing Leadership?

When we think about this word the initial figure that comes to our mind is a person with well-built attitude, courage and charming personality. A leader is someone that can hold crowd with the power of  his voice. He can lead and guide even in the worst situations. He never backs up, neither let his troops to give up. He is a source of inspiration and apple of everyone’s eye.

An MBA is mostly considered as a synonym of leader. When somebody tells you, “I am an MBA”, the first and general thought that comes to your mind is “Oh he must be running a company, or handling a group of people.”

A better word to define it would be a manager.

But the definition of an MBA  seemed to have changed a lot from decades,  if you see the scenario now. Most of MBA’s are unemployed. Studies indicate that only 21 % of MBAs are employable.

A very simple reason for this factor is that, not every MBA  is a leader and not all leaders are MBA.

The latter that “not all leaders are MBA” is related to the matter of one’s choice and circumstances. e.g. we see a lot of leaders/ entrepreneurs who are big business magnets but are not MBA. Many on the other hand have the abilities but the lack the sources to be one.

When it comes to prior, “not every MBA  is a leader” is what we are going to discuss in this article.

There are many reasons why all MBAs can’t be leaders.

1) Lack of self-analysis: This is one of the very basic reason of failure. Jim Rohn has very correctly said,

“Don’t bring your need to the marketplace, bring your skill. If you don’t feel well, tell your doctor, but not the marketplace. If you need money, go to the bank, but not the marketplace.”

Before going for MBA think! Do you really want to do MBA or you are just doing it because of peer pressure? If you are not doing it for yourself but for the sake of following your peers then you haven’t done the self analysis.

2) Curriculum: Gone are the days when getting a degree was sufficient to get a job. Now is the era of talent,  specialization and recognition. Everything that is a brand, makes most of the money. Your curriculum cannot make you a leader. It will never make you a leader. It is the process of spending 2 years mugging up what others analyzed and doing nothing on your part. This makes your brain lazy and adaptable. You start to believe in a fact that “only your degree can fetch you all your desires” which is completely untrue. If you’re an MBA and doing an internship you will realize that whatever is taught in books and whatever you get to experience while working is completely different.

3) Mediocre thinking:

“An MBA stick to numbers whereas a leader understand people. “

A very basic yet valid difference, an MBA just talks about profits and balance sheets and quarterly reports and productiveness from his employees. But a leader on the other hand, thinks of connecting with people on a personal level. They create brands that are consumer friendly and doesn’t give them false hopes or does hoax promises.
Their brand and work does all the talk making it easier for them to connect with the world.

If you want to learn more about how big business leverage people skills , then please go read this best selling book by Dale Carnegie : How to Win friends and influence people.

4) Execution: Give an idea to a leader and he will execute it. Give the same idea to a MBA and he will start making strategies, those strategies that may never go for implementation.

I am not siding the fact that a good strategy is not important but what separates good companies from great ones is execution. A good strategy is just a step, its half-baked cake, if not executed it will only erode people’s morale and enthusiasm towards work.

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