Is distance MBA capable of providing jobs?

For many MBA applicants, the full-time versus distance learning debate is a pivotal issue. We have mostly  seen candidates puzzled when it comes to choosing distance MBA.

As explained in the previous article, distance MBA is for students who can’t afford the heavy-pricing of b-schools. It is also for candidates who are employed but aspire to do MBA.

Distance MBA has entered the market in the 1960s and has been developing ever since.

Advancement in technology has helped distance MBA transform into a credible alternative for those who are prevented by circumstance from being able to study full-time at a university.

But the question that lingers every student’s mind is: Is distance MBA capable of providing jobs?

There are also rumors that they provide an inferior learning environment. But the facts are a bit different.

Rather than being merely an imitation of the full-time MBA, the distance MBA also has its set of merits, which is capable of catching the eye of the employers.

The biggest advantage of being a distance MBA is that since most of your studying is done on a computer and not in a well-managed classrooms, recruiters consider distance MBAs to be self-motivated, pliable, focused and disciplined. These all qualities are desired when it comes to becoming a manager or leader. Besides, many bicker that a distance MBA has the proven ability to focus on and complete a complex and challenging task.

But it is also a verified truth that the boom in low-quality ‘distance universities’ has significantly destroyed the distance learning experience and has given it a foul reputation.

Mostly the employer attitudes to distance MBAs are mixed. This is mostly due to their low awareness level, and a largely due to most of the employees  in their current positions are from full-time or executive courses. The employers who have embraced distance online programs are those who are very internet orientated themselves, in the e-commerce space, or professional services firms catering for internet start-ups. These companies are looking for people who are internet savvy, and may actively seek out those who have done an online MBA. Completing such a program cultivates certain skills and habits and demonstrates an engagement and interest in the online world.

Distance MBA also has its set of drawbacks. A full-time student gets to share his/her knowledge with fellow peers, gets to interact and share ideas. The maximum opportunity and exposure is provided by the college itself. But in a distance its all different.

However it is important to remember “Brand gets priority”. So when it comes to choosing your distance college go for the best one. The list of top colleges has already been mentioned in our article: Distance MBA: Introduction.
Apart from that, top b-schools like IIMs also have distance education plan, but its not much hyped like their other courses.

Besides, it is also important to keep in mind that MBA whether through distance mode or regular one, one can get opportunity if they are good in the particular specialization.

So the next time when you’re in doubt whether to opt for distance MBA or not, always remember: Distance MBAs are more self dependent, more practical, more experienced and more knowledgeable. They know very well that they have to manage their way. Just to provide the icing on your talents, it will be advisable to choose a good college for your distance MBA.


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