Is an having an MBA/PGDM overrated in India ?

The simple and short answer to this question is “YES

Everywhere around the world,  in an educational society the spectrum is so laid that post graduation always weighs heavier than a graduate degree.

For being overrated you will have to pursue MBA/PGDM only from top 10 institutes in India. Anyhow in MBA/PGDM you will be taught something or the other fruitful that you won’t be taught elsewhere.

But in India, no. of applicants to no. of available jobs ratio goes beyond 100, so there is obvious high demand for various MBA/PGDM programs and this is the same reason why commercial B-schools are growing in India like a weed. If you don’t believe in what I say just read this article, it will give you idea about predatory techniques used by these schools to recruit MBAs.

What such schools give you is lowest educational value because their only motto is to make money of the aspirants. And such institutes are dime a dozen. Read my post about the most hyped B-school in India here.

MBA from top B-school doesn’t mean you deserve an overrating but certainly if you are one of them , then you are actually distinguished as a precious commodity in the job market. Whenever hiring manager is sorting through CVs , such people obviously get preference over people from Lowest Tier B-schools.hiring manager

Overrating of such degrees stem from “poor recruiting practices” and this is similar to “poor selection criteria” by IIMs where they allow 50% reservation on caste basis and at the same time the real talent gets suppressed.

If you see education in India, it’s already hyped up where the most emphasis is given on “rote learning” instead of creating something new.

rote learning


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