1. Have you ever got into the situation that despite knowing all the right answers , you tend to get BLANK for no apparent reason ?

2. Do you tend to lose confidence in case if you are confronted with stress interview question and you screw up completely ?

3. Do you find it’s too difficult to answer simple questions like Why MBA, Tell me something about yourself, Why this institute , Why MBA after Engineering and lot others ?

4. Are you not able to direct your interview to your strong points, despite having stellar academics and excellent achievements ?

If your answer is YES, to atleast one of the questions then you need to read this right now.

I am not trying to sell you on something but rather I am going to tell you that if you use some of the key principles I am going to teach you, you will overcome almost all of these problems effortlessly, I am going to show it to you exactly how to do that in a moment but before let’s learn what is the formula

This formula is called

Irresistible Intrigue Formula


It harnesses the power of Irresistible Hooks to get undivided attention of your interviewer and then engage them with Intrigue Story Loop which harnesses power of Hypnotic Story-telling .

It bypasses logical brain of an Interviewer enabling you to direct your answers to your strength points without objections, disruptive behaviors, nonsense questions and lack of interest.

I am going to show you how to demonstrate this formula in your Personal Interview step by step with examples, psychology behind it plus I will walk you through a process to answer difficult and challenging questions.

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