How to Increase Concentration with these Stupid Simple 2 Exercises ?

As MBA entrance exams are approaching very fast, you need to have more concentration to focus on your preparation.

Today, I am going to discuss two simple exercises to increase your concentration.

As we know, there is nothing possible without concentration in this attention deficit world.

Nothing meaningful can be created without optimum level of concentration.

As your concentration increases, you can enter a special state called “the zone“.

Let’s talk about it.

The zone” is a special state of mind which you will have been in at some point in your life. Its a state where you feel deeply engrossed in what you’re doing. Your concentration and efficiency is sky high and you feel good, motivated and full of mental energy. Time will seem to move quickly and everything seems to get done.

Do you really want to achieve such a higher level of concentration ?

If your answer is “YES” , read below.

“The zone” is in fact the highest state of concentration you could possibly get. A key secret to genius and achieving anything you want in life is to get yourself into “the zone” as much as possible. The more you do this, the more your intelligence will increase, and the more creativity, problem solving skills, memory, concentration, focus and ideas you will have.

without concentrationWhen you are not in zone, you are like an untamed animal, your thoughts are something like this.

In other words, part of your attention is on different things at the same time.
In simple terms, this is called a lack of focus.





your goalIf you are in “the zone” it’s like this.

All of your thoughts are going in one direction, which is the direction of your goals. In this situation, you only think about the goal and nothing else. All thoughts are only relevant thoughts to the goals you have.

It’s this type of thinking that gets you into “the zone“. The more you think like this, in a totally single minded way, and only having relevant thoughts which are related to your goals, the more you will generate greater depth, focus and power of mind.

That means a higher IQ, more creativity, problem solving skills, memory, concentration, focus, ideas, better thoughts and everything else related to becoming a genius.

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How To Develop “The Zone” To Hugely Boost Your Life

So to develop “the zone” and hugely boost your mind power, you need to have two things:

1. You need to develop high levels of concentration and keep that concentration on a regular and daily basis.

2. You need to learn to only have relevant thoughts and stop yourself getting distracted.

Let’s talk about how to develop more concentration, with some concentration exercises. We will give you 2 different exercises below which you can use to boost your concentration.

Concentration Exercise 1

This is a very easy exercise which anyone can do, and in virtually any place. It will help to improve your basic concentration and focus, as well as hand-eye co-ordination. It is very easy to do. Here it is:

1. Take both of your hands and form a fist with each hand.

2. Put the fists and your arms out in front of you. You should keep your arms bent for this and keep the underside of your fists facing you. You can also keep your elbows close to your body if its more comfortable.

3. Starting with the left hand, extend your pinky finger slowly until it is straight. Do this whilst paying full attention to the tip of the pinky moving.

4. Do this for all the other fingers, moving from pinky finger to your thumb finger. Pay attention to the tip of your finger as you are doing it. Repeat with the right hand.

The objective here is to do the exercises slowly (about 2 seconds per finger) and to pay attention to the tips of the fingers. If you have nails you can also focus on them.

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Concentration Exercise 2

This is a technically more advanced exercise but can create high levels of concentration and focus within minutes. Here is the exercise:

For example:

  1. Pay attention to all the external sounds you hear for 1 minute.
  2. Pay attention to all the external smells you smell for 1 minute.
  3. Pay attention to all the external colors you see for 1 minute.
  4. Pay attention to all the external shapes you see for 1 minute.
  5. Pay attention to the feel of your body for 1 minute.

Repeat the exercise as needed. There is no need to time yourself, but you should be going through each of the senses in turn in roughly 55-65 seconds. What you will find is that if you have a noisy, chattering mind, it will die down completely.
You will be left with a calm, clear mind with much higher concentration and focus.
You will feel the effects within 3-4 minutes of using this technique: that is how good it is.Remember, you are sensing external, physical images in the real world, and aren’t doing this in your head.

To make the technique more difficult, you can practice it in a really noisy and hectic place. This will require more discipline and concentration power to do effectively. You can also use it in virtually any other place or situation.

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