IIPM Hypewagon scam : 9 reason why it sucks

So a couple of weeks back, our own ponytail hypemonster and (un)official blabbermouth of IIPM decided to block all the articles which were exposing IIPM and its modus operandi.  He was also featured on a famous news channel where he tried to block other speakers using his nonsensical approach. Watch this video here ( if you master this skill now, it almost ensures your selection in any GD you ever encounter )

BTW, I am not going prove my point by giving you proofs because there is a plethora of articles on the internet which can serve that purpose.

But you are one of those, who thinks IIPM really teaches you to think beyond IIMs, click here to commit suicide.

  1. IIPM charges over 10 lacs of fees to the students, when most of their campuses are not well equipped with required setup, not even basic facilities. They boast of giving free laptops to the students which is also false where some of them have even lodged a complaint against them. IIPM Mumbai and Delhi campus are portrayed in all the advertisements where other campuses are not very good, they don’t seem to talk about that.
    iipm campus
  2. Mr. Arindam Chaudhary sucks when it comes to how Google Search Engine works, he doesn’t have any idea about Google Search Algorithm. If you think, what I am saying is stupid, just watch out the above video and stop at 3.50 and start watching it again.

    arindam chaudhary on SEO

    Arindam Chaudhary on SEO

  3. IIPM doesn’t have any entrance exam, they call and spam people randomly to take admission there. I have got hundreds of calls from them saying I was selected for their GD/PI, when I asked on what basis, these IIPM people were baffled. They say they have some exam which is based upon is based upon student’s EQ which they called ” EPAT” or something.
    iipm harrassment
  4. IIPM advertises it gives BBA/MBA degrees but actually according to UGC, they don’t have permission to give such degree. BTW, there are many colleges who don’t have permission but nobody talks about them just because IIPM is a big fish in the pond and it’s easy to target big fish rather than small fish, right ?
    iipm ugc
  5. Many of the IIPM students really suck when it comes to writing English and that shows that they come from IIPM. It’s true and you can see it almost every single time when someone defends IIPM on social media , he/she sucks at English. Here is one proof.
    iipm english
  6. IIPM facebook fan page has around 1.7 million likes, more than most of the celebrities and big companies. Even Harvard Business School¬† and IIM-Ahmedabad don’t have that huge fanbase. All the likes are paid and IIPM spends around 30 % money on doing such nonsense PR stuff which they can use to improve college image, quality of education.
    IIPM facebook fanpage
  7. IIPM pays News channel to put their college name in Top 10 . e.g. Zee News
    sponsored surveys
  8. IIPM graduates (some of them) work for IIPM because IIPM has unwritten policy that if you are not placed we will give you a job, it’s really a great initiative and I think other MBA colleges should follow it in order to get 100 % placements and some of IIPM employees weren’t paid salaries for a few months and I really don’t know what is happening there but if it is happening with many of the IIPM employees , IIPM really sucks.
  9. IIPM invests in activities such as creating fake profiles on facebook and twitter,fake websites, aggressive marketing promotions, hiring celebrities to endorse their brand, producing movies, writing books, giving speeches to attract students instead of actually adding value to the marketplace.

    shahrukh iipm

    Arindam , Shahrukh and Rajita : Thorns to Hypemastery

So, I have given you a lot of food to think about before you slam me or send me a hate mail or report me abuse on Facebook.
I would like to make one thing clear, I am not writing this because competitor of IIPM (I don’t even know if it exists) paid me a lot of money to do it.

I have interacted with some students from IIPM and let me tell you frankly, they were working for good company (of course thanks to IIPM) and they were smart enough to get payhike or different job quickly. The point is not to say IIPM is all bad but the way the market and promote their brand, they don’t even come close to what they claim.
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