IIMs: Special Quotas for girls?

It is a fact that the quota system has impacted our education system in a way that it will take years to fix it, apart from OBC/SC/ST/Handicapped and other most heard of quota for students is a special quota for girls.

So, apart from being born in a special community, being a girl helps too. (Girls, no harsh feelings)

A student who doesn’t wish to be named says, “Even after having 98% in CAT, I couldn’t make it, because 8% quota is reserved for girl students while my  female friend and coaching class mate got admission even at 87% in IIM-B, that is truly unfair.”

When asked for why do we have a special quota for girls in IIM’s we did not receive any replies from (not even one) of three IIM professors we sent mail to inquire about this.

It is a well known fact that a lot of students’ today struggle to even get admissions in average B-schools even after a decent CAT score and an amazing background are unable to get it due to this quota system.

An ex-IIM post-graduate adds, “Girl’s quota came in effect to have some diversity in colleges, before this it was just 8 to 10 girls in a batch of 100.”

But is that necessary? Is it right for an institute like IIM which imparts the best management education in country to go partial?

Won’t it affect the other B-schools decision too?sky high competition to get in IIM

However, the fact that girl quota is to make girls get admissions in IIM’s easily, is true logically but also it cuts out the opportunity and dreams of meritorious students who have done a bit more hard work than those girls.

When we asked to a girl who got selected for IIM-A interview about the same issue, she said, “The government is not insane, especially the bureaucrats who manage colleges like IIM’s, they wouldn’t opt in for girls quota just to have some girls in otherwise testosterone heavy colleges.”

But when we asked her CAT score, she didn’t care to reply us back (MBAkaKeeda doesn’t wish to share her name due to confidential purpose)

Nearly 38% of seats at IIMs are reserved for some or the other quota. Due to this girl quota, at IIM-Kozikhode 30% of the batch comprised of girls in 2010 as compared to 10% in 2009. Similar case was observed at IIM-B wherein the percentage of female candidates was 21% in 2011 than 14% in 2010.

We would like to know your views on girls quota.

Please add your comment whether you share a story similar to this, or think differently about my views.


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