IIM Confessions : Ultimate Bitchfest at large

So today, while I was reading Pagalguy and I came across  this article, I came to know about this facebook fanpage called ” IIM Confessions ” where you can send your IIM confessions anonymously. I found out some shocking things. I don’t how much of it is real but still I in(wasted) lot of my time reading it and let me tell you it was a fun ride.

I don’t know how long this post will be but I will be putting some hilarious, truthful and revengeful confessions from some IIM guys.

BTW, this post is not to badmouth or insult any IIMs. With due respect to all IIMs, I will start my post……

IIM confessions facebook page

This is the most prominent question asked in every PI and i.e. Why do you want to do MBA ?

why do you want to do MBA.

How placements are part and parcel of life ?

placements importance


Broken affairs, new affairs, betrayal & some affairs never realized…

gf dumped bf

date trap

Affair after IIM

Advanced strategies to land in a dream job ?  Favoritism isn’t it ?

confessions of experienced

assets and liabilities

desperate encounters

Hard work sometimes never pays off……


How not to pick up chicks using your IIM branded T shirt ?

beauty with no brains

Confessions of a rationalization drama queen who cheated on her boyfriend for more salary…..

better salary dumped bf

Bitch please….

bitchy girls

Money is not the root cause of evil but love of money can sure break your relationship if you are in one before getting into IIM (BTW, I know this fellow and his wife, PM me if you want to know their names)

breakup at IIM-A

Confessions of a girl ( I am not sure why this girl is trying to display her superior linguistic skills to display her superiority)

confessions of a feminist

Confessions of a Placecommer ( It’s a hard and thankless job)

confessions of a placecommer

MBA from IIM = Consultant ( Really , think again)

Consultancy myth

Do Acads matter ? (Myth busted by IIM professor)

do acads matter

Real reason behind promoting entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship in IIM

Freshers = Piece of shit ( except ….    )


When dreams come crashing down…..

salary reduced


IIM calcutta glory

Institutes don’t matter ? Real story

IIM is it the best

Inflated Salaries : Confessions of an ex-placecomm member

breakup at IIM-A

Think beyond II(P)M


Rankings of IIMs after a couple of years

live your dream

Importance of Board exams, if you haven’t fared well, then you are doomed to fail.

repents after getting into IIM

Truth about summer placements from horse’s mouth

summer shortlisting criteria

So these were some hilarious responses from people.

I am going to end this by posting one last response which stood out from crowd. It was not revengeful, hilarious or desperate but straight to the point. I am sure, you will take all this in the light spirit.

something good about IIMs

It’s said that, whatever ends on a positive note  happens to be most enjoyable experience.

If you resonate with it, feel free to share the love.

By posting this article, I don’t want to demean importance of IIMs or CAT or any other MBA institute. Take this in positive light and don’t post your abusive remarks here. I hope you understand.


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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here




  1. says

    Before joining any management institute for MBA, think why it is necessary to do MBA that too from IIM? This will help you in future when you will search for the most suitable IIM for you. Ask yourself a number of times before you get into one.

    This, I am sharing from my experience. Being a student of one of the IIMs I feel proud when I look back to the days when people were there to confuse me but I stood firm for IIMs. Today, my course is on the verge of completion and I am getting so many job offers even now!

  2. says

    sir, its amazing to know this, well, we would be more than happy to know more about your experiences.
    how you prepared, what accourding to you was the biggest challenge. etc.

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