IIM Calcutta Interview experiences and tips

This post is based on the experiences posted by people on Pagalguy. Take this advice with a pinch of salt.

IIM-C is a B-school which puts more emphasis on your CAT score alone while giving you a call, the process is divided into WAT and PI. WAT topics are offbeat , understand them first and then start writing.

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If your academic record is not good or consistent (especially on graduation), prepare for an answer backed by the facts, don’t just try to bluff the interviewer.

  • Never lose your cool.
  • Don’t take any offense from the interviewer
  • Don’t be desperate to impress the interviewer.
  • Don’t talk too much, it shows your nervousness.
  • Look into his eyes while answering his questions.

Most of the times, your interview will be a stress interview. Interviewers will try to put you in a corner, will ask the unexpected questions, dig on the topics you are not good at. It’s your responsibility not to lose your temper and give control in their hands.

The panel will treat you like mature adults and you should mention your selection. However, it is a high risk-return situation. You shall definitely be grilled on why you are appearing for an IIMC interview if you have better calls and admits. You should prepare a good answer and justify your preference of IIMC in the interview and if you have clarity about your reasons and goals it would benefit you immensely. Otherwise you might be taken as someone unsure about a 2 year PGDM.

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