IIM-Bangalore Interview experiences and tips

This post is intended to help those people who got calls from IIM Bangalore.

IIM Bangalore is one of those institutes which gives more emphasis on Academics.

The last time I gave my CAT in 2011, almost all of the 100 percentilers didn’t get call from IIM Bangalore.

Read “ Interview of IIM-B Guy” first.

All these experiences are taken from forum of Pagalguy. You will come across lots of opinions , views. Take all things with a pinch of salt & use your common sense.

Learn “How to Write Kickass Essays even if you suck at Writing ?

Whatever I am reading, I came to realize that interviewers are putting so much stress on your SOP.

Learn “Art of SOP writing

Learn how to write SOP and don’t write something to impress the interviewer. Write only those things which you can justify with proper logic. I will be covering this topic very soon on my blog. Stay tuned for it. Now lets get back to experiences.

If you are working in a J.O.B. then make sure you research your company well, as there are a lot of people who are asked about their company’s T/O, Profit, Competitors etc etc.

If you have degree in XXXX, experience in YYYY, you want to do MBA in ZZZZZZ, then work in AAAAAA and finally settle down in BBBBBB, then make sure there is a link or you can justify with proper reasoning on why you want to do that.

I have repeated this often and now I am again pounding this on your head that don’t use jargons unnecessarily if you don’t know their meanings.

So there was a guy who was very much interested in a field he was working but still he wanted to do MBA and he couldn’t justify why MBA and then he started to become aggressive to prove why MBA. There is an important lesson you can take from this ” Keep the fine line between assertion and useless aggression and Prepare your Answers Well”

The Final advice ( Even if you don’t follow things mentioned above follow this)

Conversion will depend on your final composite score where out of 105 marks, interview has 20 marks and WAT has 15. So interview is not the sole deciding factor but is an important factor. Don’t think too much about different opinions/feedback from forums and concentrate on the task at hand i.e your next interview

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