I just want to go to IIMs

A long time back I wrote an article is about my journey.

The journey of my failure and what I learnt from it

I got a lot of positive feedbacks and some really good suggestions from people.

This article is dedicated to those who make , going to IIM only aim of their life……and when they don’t make it…they give another attempt and when they still can’t make it they go on to give a no of attempts till they either get admitted or become too old to do full time MBA and end up either giving up or doing executive MBA.

My aim of this article is to educate people about why obsessing over IIMs is not a wise bet in the longer term. As I obsessed over that dream but I realized it that it was a mistake…not a huge one and I don’t recommend someone to cling on to the IIM dream.

Why ?

Read ahead…..

Because sometimes obsessing over one dream does more harm than good if there are equivalent if not superior choices are available.

As far as current scenario is concerned , XLRI, FMS, SP-Jain, MDI, NITIE , NMIMS etc are good and logical choices. It’s not a compromise but a smart choice.

I know many people who get into IIMs and they can’t cope up with their syllabus and they perform abysmally and get placed in some mediocre quality job( even though paypacket is higher), infact I know many people who are graduates from XLRI, SP-Jain, MDI and SIBM are bagging some really good jobs with high quality work and high paypacket.

There is no point in going to IIMs and struggling there and getting a mediocre job…you should rather prefer going to some B-school where you get chance to show your true potential and come in top ranks.

One of my friends said this pretty clearly in his interview , he is from IIM-A for your kind information.

I was of the view of doing my best and not being too perturbed how my best ranked with the others.

Going to IIMĀ  never hurts but it actually helps you to develop more and more, come out of your comfort zone, get acquainted with some sharpest people, chance to hang out with some highly knowledgeable souls…but that doesn’t mean that other B-schools are not good.

mauritius to mussorieA couple of moths back, I saw a joke doing rounds on facebook and twitter.

” The problem with the CAT aspirants is one question here and there , your future vacation shifts from Mauritius to Mussoorie.”

This saying is no longer true (It never was) but it forced people to believe that higher percentile in CAT is indeed responsible for this change in lifestyle.

Remember….whether you do MBA from IIMs or not , it doesn’t really matter in the long term, doing MBA from IIMs always helps but don’t blow this out of proportion as it’s done in the saying above.

Do the research and choose right college for you.

I once heard this from one of the founders of Career Launcher when he was taking the live class….BTW he is not some Tom, D**k and Harry,he is responsible for growth of career launcher till date and he is MBA from IIM-Bangalore.

He said ” MBAs are nothing, they are just highly educated, dressed in suits and good at PPTs. They don’t know anything else.

What he meant to say was ” Don’t make someone father figure just because he is from IIM.

Don’t make it into obsession.Obsessing about a dream for too long will only lead to being sucked in a quicksand of frustration and self-doubt. Unless you let go of a dream you will never truly move on—–A loyal reader of MBA Ka Keeda

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Sukrut is a passionate geek, internet visionary and a full time blogger, he has been teaching MBA students from the past two years, he is a chemical engineer by qualification,. Read my full story here



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