How to use YouTube for studying for MBA entrance

When it comes to MBA aspirants, they are all ready to break a leg for their entrance exams preparation. They do their best to get hands on any sort of prep CDs, online tutorial to old question papers, offline past year coaching classes notes.  But has anybody has ever thought of learning using YouTube? Guess no.

Being no 3 highest traffic websites in the world, with around 1 billion unique monthly users, there is  a lot of free knowledge sharing there.

The question is are you using YouTube for your preparation?

Most people either don’t know that they can leverage YouTube in their MBA preparation or some people despite knowing tend ignore it. God bless all those people in the latter category.

This article is especially  for all those who belong to the first category. I am going to give you links to limited resources, it’s your duty to find out about more, explore more. Don’t be too narrow minded and don’t be lazy not to search for more powerful resources.

Resources for cracking MBA entrance:

There is a channel called “ Handa Ka Funda “ on YouTube where a prominent professor named Ravi Handa  from Pune teaches Quantitative Ability and Logical Reasoning through videos.

Well, despite being our competition 😛 we love his work, we share him.

He has put more than 50 videos out there on various topics including Probability, Syllogism, Geometry, Arithmetic, Modern Maths, Number System etc.

He also has his own test series where he takes all the video lectures along with doubt clearing sessions. You Can get more info here :

Resources GD/PI/Essay preparation:

You can watch live debates on this channel to enhance  your debating skills ( don’t watch news here because it’s a complete waste of time)

And We are also providing you with some more resources to get some more data  for preparation:

1) Economic Collapse: Why it might happen

2) Episode One: Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

3) Understanding The Debt Crisis In The U.S.

4) Eurozone Crisis “The Germans have Gone Mad” – Prof. Jayati Ghosh

5) Government Debt and You

6) Understanding the Financial Crisis – very well explanation!

Tip:  To get hold of more and more resources on YouTube for your GD/PI/Essay preparation:

When you see a good video, click on subscribe above that channel

How to subscribe a channel on YouTube

And next time , when there is new video addition, you will get notified.

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