How to Supercharge your CAT Quant Preparation using this Single Strategy ?

A few days back, I got to learn a specific strategy from IIM-A fellow which completely baffled me.

So it happened like this,

A couple of days back, I spoke with someone who just converted IIM-A call…he got close to 99.8%ile.

He shared with me one super strategy to supercharge CAT Quant score. I was actually amazed to learn it…so I thought of sharing it.I am holding nothing back.

Let’s understand his methodology of studying.

First of all, he told me that he used to give 2-3 mocks a week and used to analyze them rigorously.

But interesting part is this…

How he deployed this strategy to actually get competitive advantage over others?

While analyzing mocks, he used to look at Average Time took by aspirants and then used to compare that with time taken by him. If his time was half or less than that, he knew he was ahead of most of the crowd.

If he didn’t take half or less than half time, he used to do following thing.

So whenever he used to see a right question, he immediately used to see if that was because of a fluke or because of his skills..he used to look at the time he took, and if that time was close to average or more than that, he knew that he needed to learn the shorter approach.

How he used to find shorter approach?

He used to scout Pagalguy forums and other website for exact same problem (using some unique keywords in problem)

His philosophy was if that problem was in the mock, it means they have either taken it somewhere on Internet or modified existing problem & then he used to look out at different approaches while solving different type of questions.

He used to jot them down in the notebook and used to implement it ASAP….so that it would get ingrained in his brain ASAP.

He used to solve more section tests for weaker sections…identify weaker sections through intuition and analysis.

If you want to learn, detailed step by step guide to analyze your Quant & DI, click on link below

7 Step Failproof Formula to score 99%ile in CAT Quant & DI

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