How to Score More Percentile by Actually Working Lot Less ?

There are only 3 ways to increase/maximize your percentile.

1. Increase Accuracy (Direct)
2. Increase Time you get to solve Extra Questions (Indirect)
3. Increase no of Attempts (Direct)

How to increase your percentile using BCG Framework (or 80/20 Analysis) ?

80 20

1. High Time/Low Percentile (Lowest Leverage Area, do it only if you want to)

I call this working on false efficiency. Many students tend to work on these areas and then they will never discover why they are not able to improve their percentile despite doing all the hard work.

Working hard on this area is just a feel good factor.

2. High Time/High Percentile (High leverage area, for long term success)
Learning alternate methods/shortcuts and regular revision of difficult and tricky questions. Although, this takes time but it will also help you increase your percentile by high margin.
It also gives you the ability to spot easy, medium and difficult questions

3. Low Time/Low Percentile (Low leverage area, for short term success)

4. Low Time/High Percentile (Highest Leverage Area, for short term success)
Silly mistakes, identifying questions you solved incorrectly which you should have avoided.

If you work on wrong areas throughout your CAT Preparation, then your efforts will not bear any fruit no matter how hard your work.

First focus on Area 4, then go to Area 2 or Area 3 depending upon your personal situation. If you have lot of time in your hands, invest more time to see increased results in percentile i.e. Area 2, if you have less time in your hands to master new topics, then stick to Area 3.

You have to find your leverage points. If you are not very sure about which topics to skip and which topics are must dos, I would recommend you reading this article.

Is it possible to crack CAT without doing certain topics ?

If you want to maximize benefit, read these articles on GP Ka Funda Blog

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Mystery of R1, R2 and R3


I have simplified this process showing you how how you can spot such high leverage areas using the methodology, I call it “Percentile Maximizer“, get instant access to 4 Day Mini-Class now.

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