How to outsource your exam preparation to get into NMIMS without giving NMAT ? (Real Story)

So you are probably reading this either because you have given NMAT and failed and want to get into NMIMS or you are planning to get into NMIMS this year.I want to welcome you because you are on the right page.

And I am sure, at the end of this article, you will know the exact way to get admission into NMIMS without having to study for NMAT.

So here is Step by Step procedure to get into NMIMS without actually giving NMAT.

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  1. Register for NMAT.
  2. Fill out the detailed form and before you attach your photo, STOP.
  3. Contact someone who already has successful track record of cracking various entrance exams with flying colours. Contact him, make a deal with him and take a passport size photo from him. Attach that photo on the form and submit it.
  4. Pay the person his/her dues and allow him/her to sit for the exams,but make sure you fill your proper information in the form but stick the photo of the person you hired.
  5. He/she will sit for NMAT as there is no checking of any credentials while you go for NMAT.
  6. Wait for the results and as you clear NMAT(which you definitely will) pay fees for GD/PI registration and also fill out the form but now stick your own photo.
  7. Wait for the interviews, prepare well by using this powerful resource and make sure you give your best in the interview, because if you don’t give your best and you have got very high marks in written, you will be caught.
  8. You will definitely be securing the admissions if your written score and GD/PI scores are decent. NMIMS gives 70 % weightage to written exam and 30% weightage to GD/PI.

Outsourcers for this process :

Alok Kumar from Ghaziabad along with Hanumant Singh Gujar, Sugriv Singh Gujar, Pavan Kumar, Himanshu Shekar and Brajendra Pratap Singh. (I don’t have their contact nos, so you have to find them out.)

Some possible risks in this “foolproof” plan :

  1. If you are a total sucker, you are going to get caught and thrown out of the whole process.
  2. You have to bear the risk of atleast 15 Lacs if you outsource the process from the people mentioned in outsourcers list
  3. Even if you put 15 lacs, there is no guarantee because conversion ratio is 61/87 i.e. 70 % success ratio but the chances are pretty high.
  4. Even if you manage to secure admission into NMIMS and your felony is discovered at a later stage, be ready to face dire legal consequences.

P.S. You can also outsource your exam preparation for GMAT and CAT, if you want more details, contact Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy, as currently these outsourcers are in Police Custody.

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