How to Make Stress Interview Questions Irrelevant?

I read a lot of books related to Business & Marketing.

“Blue Ocean Strategy” is one of them.

Blue Ocean Strategy

The one of the best books you can ever read.

What does that book teach you?

How to make competition irrelevant?

Well, you can’t exactly make all stress interview questions irrelevant but you can strive to make some of them irrelevant. I am going to exactly tell you how to do that.

I had my interview for NMIMS and IIMs, I don’t remember exact date.

This time, I had prepared very well for stress interview questions.

I had discovered a way to tackle my low graduation score.

I am coming to that in a minute.

Before telling you about it, I remembered something really important.

There was guy named Kevin Hogan. He is a Master in Persuasion.

In his book, he mentioned one incident where he and his partner struck $1,00,000 deal.

And that deal was not easy (handing over $1,00,000 is not at all easy)

He and his partner was invited by CEO and then that CEO challenged them,

He said

” Tell me, why should I hire you, guys?

Without blinking an eye his partner said “I think we have misunderstood something…and I don’t think we are right fit for your company, so what we will do now is to leave.

Did you see how he turned the table on CEO itself?

And what do you know would have happened?

CEO hired them because nobody challenged the CEO before and he was taken aback by their response….he knew if they are ready to walk away, then they must be knowing what they are talking about.

Now you can’t really be that straightforward but you can definitely use it for your advantage.

OK, back to my NMIMS and IIMs interview.

I know I was going to get these questions about my low graduation score and then what I did was instead of lying or manipulating, I started talking about it just from the beginning.

Just at the time when they asked me about myself.

I talked everything and in the middle I included this “Although I got less marks in my graduation but still I managed to get the job very fast and with a good profile where a lot other candidate with higher grades were struggling.

What I did was, I just invalidated that question by saying “it doesn’t really matter” because in the end, we score more marks just to get a good job unless you are preparing for higher studies in USA.

And this is just one technique and it’s not sleazy or manipulative.

It just invalidates the question itself before it can arise.

Now you may be wondering about how you can answer.

  1. “Why GAP in preparation?”
  2. “Why did you leave the job?”
  3. “Why should we select you?”

etc etc.

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