How to Increase your Percentile Overnight ? (Sort Of)


You can do it.

You can increase your percentile overnight. Sort of.

So here’s a small thing you need to do which will help you to increase it literally overnight.

You need to do this small exercise before you do anything else.

  1. Write down your last percentile. It can be anything ranging from 0-99.99 not 100.
  2. Now instead of focusing on how to get more percentile, focus on your percentile killers and eliminate them immediately.

These are some killers. Stop them dead in their tracks or they will drastically reduce your percentile.

Killer no. 1 : Attempting Wrong Questions.

Killer no. 2 : Solving too may questions wrong.

Killer no. 3 : Using old-school methods to solve new-age problems.(Eliminate this problem by clicking here )

Killer no.4 : Curiosity and too much of ego-feeding in going after questions you want to solve ( but you don’t need to solve)

Killer no.5 : Doing silly mistakes by misreading the questions or going with overconfidence.

Killer no.6 : Doing LMR (Last Minute Revision) which only works for your stoopid graduation exam and not for MBA entrance.

If you get rid of all of these killers, you will increase your percentile overnight.

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