How to Fart your way to Failure ?

Did I ever tell you the time I went through this horrible experience ?

It was really an awkward experience.

But there’s a lesson in this.

Here’s what happened.

I was in 9th standard, it was last period of the day. It was called P.T. period then (P.T. = Physical Training). We were performing exercise in the big hall especially reserved for the same purpose.

While we were busy in performing YOGA, all the sudden RIIIP! the fart popped off without warning & prior notice and the noise resonated in the large hall.

Laughter erupted and everyone started looking in the direction where sound came from.

I knew who was the culprit. (It was not me BTW)

So this culprit had this knack of getting way out of trouble easily and guess what he did ?

He, very innocently, turned and looked at the kid sitting beside him.

Did that work ?

You bet, it did and everyone laughed at him instead.

So what’s the lesson here.

” The secret to success is knowing who to blame.”

Not exactly.

If you are preparing for CAT then this is the exact recipe of failure. If you are blaming your failure on someone else then it’s sureshot way to failure.

And this is just the one way of farting . There are other ways you can fart.

farting on social mediaSome people have this bad habit of farting on Social Media.

They openly fart on their walls, on their friend’s walls, they fart in groups also fart on some pages, some people re-fart, some people fart on photos, some people fart on their profile. 

If you stop farting every now and then on Social Media, your life will become very smooth and you will be amazed to see what results you achieve at the end of the “Fart-Fast” till your CAT is over.

P.S. There are a lot of ways to make a big , fat noise in your CAT quant, check out this resource

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