How to Double your reading speed in 10 minutes

If you want to double your reading speed within next 10 minutes then follow some simple steps.

You can use it to read novels, highly sophisticated materials without any special skills.

First time 20 seconds check normal reading speed with the help of a pencil and then count no of lines you read

Your reading speed depends upon following three things

  • Physical posture of body & reading material
  • Mental posture
  • Reading technique

Our reading speed is slow because in school we were taught in a different way. Read aloud, pronounce it correctly,comprehend.

There is an easy 3 Step Process to double your reading speed

Physical posture of body & reading material

  1. Prior to reading anything place feet comfortable on the floor.
  2. Straighten your spine
  3. Place shoulders on the back with a deep inhale & relax & exhale.
  4. Put a smile on the face.
  5. The material you are reading must be square in front of your eyes
  6. Tilt the material at 45 degrees


Mental Posture

  1. Expect what you want out from the book keeps brain in the active state.
  2. Use “Tangerine technique”
  3. Pick up imaginary tangerine
  4. Catch tangerine into your dominant hand.
  5. Touch top back part of your head with tangerine
  6. Feelings of tangerine at the back of your head
  7. Maintain relaxed feeling
  8. Now pick up the book.
  9. Do it couple of more times


Reading Technique

  1. Old habits of sounding the word while you read should be avoided.
  2. Lay your eyes on the top half of the sentence.
  3. Quickly zip your eyes to beginning of new line. It will help you to avoid re-reading.


Use these techniques and observe rapid increase in your reading speed.






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